2019-2020 Staff

Tristan Moore

Technical Director

Hello! My name is Tristan Moore, I'm a Senior at Mason and as the Technical Director in Digital Journalism, I help out behind the scenes with anything tech based. I'm on the high school's robotics team, an avid video game player...

Ethan Gustafson

Pod Caster

I'm Gus, I am a Junior, and in the Marching Band and the media team.  I run the Growing Together Podcast, where we talk about trying new things, appreciating yourself and having a great time. I spend my free time by playing D...

Addison Soule

Pod Caster

Hello! In my free time I enjoy, playing instruments, reading, and being outdoors. I consider myself to be outgoing and hardworking. My favorite television show is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My favorite subjects in school are english ...

Haley Clark

Staff writer

Hey, I mostly enjoy reading and writing stories in my spare time but some of my other hobbies include woodworking, welding, and robotics.

Savannah Trout

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm Savannah. I enjoy lattes from Biggby with extra whip, dogs so ugly they're cute and Kermit the Frog memes. Go check out my stories!

Samantha Trout

Staff Writer

My name is Samantha Trout. I am a Freshman.

Isaac Duso

Staff Writer

My name is Isaac Duso and I'm a Junior at Mason High School. I'm on the Varsity soccer team.

Chase Ramey

Staff Writer

Hola soy Dora! Just kidding I’m Chasey, and I’m really funny. I love making video things, you know what I mean. You probably know me as that one sophomore who talks too loud. But I also have something interesting about me ...

Dalton Caron

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Dalton Caron, and I'm a senior. I'm an Opinion article creator and the guy who brings life here in Digital Journalism. I hope in my time here to take part in writing articles, making podcasts, and taking par...

Olivia Kinney


Hi! I enjoy writing articles, spending time with friends and family, and watching Naruto in my free time.

Matthew Bondarenko

Video Production (announcements)

My name is Matthew Bondarenko.I love to edit videos, hang out with my friends, and spend time with family. I’m pretty easy going but I love to work hard at what I love to do.

Matthew Gearhart

Video Production (announcements)

I'm Matthew Gearhart I love to play soccer and basketball. I'm a Sophomore. I'm 15 years old. I like to play video games like Mario Kart, Fifa, and NBA 2K. My favorite hour of the day is my first hour with Mr. Kato, Sundy, and ...

Katelyn Benson

Video Production (announcements)

In my free time I love playing golf, hanging out with my friends, and spending time with family. I also enjoy shopping and watching Netflix.

Thomas Delafuente

Video Production (announcements)

Thomas De La Fuente is serious, funny, and occasionally seriously funny. Most of his time is spent working hard in school, striving for excellence in all areas. When not studying, he enjoys playing tennis, swimming, running, and ...

Cole Tomlin

Video Production (announcements)

My name is Cole Tomlin, I'm currently in the media production class. I enjoy anything involving sports and or nature, I consider myself out going but also humble. 

Ethan Bond

Video Production (announcements)

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