Bump, Set, Spike


Rayn Sova, Writing

A rushing home win against Williamston Wednesday night, September 27 for Mason Varsity Bulldogs!

Mason stole the first game with a final score of 25-8. Communication, conditioning, and hours of practice were shown on the court. Each player had a look of determination to kill this game. After the first few points, with the score leaning towards the Bulldogs, they knew they were going to crush the Hornets.

“Our first ball contact was really good today. Our serves were in and aggressive and our service recieve was on point right to our setter Bailee Crandall,” said junior Skylar Stagg.

A quick switch over lead to the second game of the night. Once again, Mason Bulldogs destroyed Williamston 25-10 close out. With Karsyn Delbridge’s serve, the second game looked simple. With good out of system balls from Olivia Williams and Alex Widner, the team seemed impossible to beat.

“Tonight I got four out of five kills out of all my hits and my teammates performed really well in serve receive,” said sophomore Alex Widner.

Finally, Mason won the third game with a total of 25-10. At this point, the Williamston Hornets stepped up their game and were keeping up with the score. With the score of 8 Mason and 7 Williamston, the Bulldogs came together to pep everyone up. Motivation was key to winning this game. And luckily, with communication, the team was set up to win.