Swinging Into the Tennis Season


Karis Foster

Senior Patrick O’ Connor preparing to return the ball.

Karis, Photography/Sports

Whoosh! Smack! The sound of the players’ rackets as they power through the ball.  The weekend of September 8th was a busy one at MHS. Three Mason Invitationals were held on Saturday – Volleyball, Swim, and Tennis.

      The boys’ tennis team faced Eaton Rapids, Sturgis, and Marshall in the invitational. Mason took second overall, with Sturgis stealing a first place win. It was a close game with some Mason players only losing in tie-breaker matches.

    Although the team did not win they still played well together, this has been the case throughout the season so far.  Each player works hard, contributes, and scores points.

“The Mason program has been rough for the past few years, but this year we’re doing pretty good.” junior Captain, Landon Schafer said. “We have Grant on one single, and Patrick hasn’t lost yet at three singles, so it’s looking pretty good this year, not gonna lie.”

    They may have lost a to a couple of teams, but they played well and are ready to take on those teams later on in the season.

    “We lost to Chelsea last week but we played really well. We’re excited to play them again at Regionals.” Parker Friend said.

    In addition to playing well as a team, the boys are good friends on and off the court.“The team has been playing well together.”  Friend attests. “The chemistry is really good and we get along, laugh, joke around, but we take stuff seriously and work hard too.”

A few freshmen are even included on the varsity team.  Nick Gandhi, who helps out with the team, said that this was probably the best freshman class for tennis in years. And the freshmen know it’s an honor to be on Varsity.

     “Well I guess it feels nice because not many freshman make varsity.” Colin Koot said, when asked how he felt about being on Varsity. “All the players are really nice [to me]. I’m also excited for the league tournament.”

    There are four Varsity freshmen this year,

    “… Matt Mcgonigal, Colin Koot, Tommy De La Fuente, and Justice mataya have been a huge part of our success.” Coach James Joyce remarked. “…..they have made some huge gains in their tennis game…Tennis is a very mental game and I want us to be the smarter players out there on the court. I want the players to be able to pick out weaknesses, and to diagnose their opponents to give them the best opportunity to win.”

And how the freshmen perform now will influence how they do in later years if they continue with the Tennis program.

     “I really like the freshmen to be on the team because four years from now, they’re going to be in GOAT mode and they’re only going to win.” Schafer said. For those reading who do not know GOAT stands for, it is a sports term meaning Greatest of All Time. “Like, the seniors this year, they’ll have one more year, but freshmen? They’ll have four…of just straight progress.”

    Some other star players for the Boys’ Varsity team are Grant Schaberg, Patrick O’Connor, Garren Lattig, Dalton Trimmer, and Jack Hines. Each one has brought points to the team and are key contributors.   

    The Varsity Team is also looking ahead to some upcoming matches. They take on Williamston on the 25th, and Grand Ledge on the 25th. Leagues and Eaton Rapids are also coming up soon on the schedule. “We’re looking forward to States and Regionals, so yeah, we’re doing pretty good.” Schafer said.