A Day In The Life of a Mason High School Freshman


Gwyneth Zamora, Page Designer

Being a High school Student is full of incredible adversities. Upcoming first year students are full of expectations and potency along with an expectancy of good behaviour. Roaring alarm clocks meet these students as they wake up in the morning prepping for school.

“School is great,” freshman Taylor Richardson said “Its a place that gives me a chance to educate and involve myself around others while also having a good time.”

Starting her day Taylor goes to her most favored class which is Robotics. In there she studies how to construct, design, and operate robots while having fun at the same time. Taylor works with people she enjoys hanging out with which make the class have a light atmosphere and make her feel at ease.

In addition freshman Madalynn Zuke said she believes that school gives us a lot of opportunities, not only to learn but also to enjoy.

“School reminds me of tall people, and crowded hallways,” Zuke said. “But apart from that school also reminds me of my friends.”

New Computer Science teacher, Tracie Eibl, can relate to adapting in a new environment, this being her first year teaching at Mason. Despite this new change she stays optimistic about what’s to come.

“I just feel this delight and anticipation of how my students are gonna prepare for the task that I’m gonna try and challenge them,” Eibl said. “And for what’s yet to come for them.”

At the end of the day, after 5 hours of different subjects, a lot of chatting with friends and classmates and a very tiring day, a final bell rings which signals end of class day. Classes done, now rushing to hop on bus to home.

A great day heading back home, get some rest, yet again to prepare for another day.