A Towering Triumph


Ainslie Schlagel

The Varsity Volleyball team huddles up before a set.

Ava Houghton and Samara Trout and Writer

Mason Varsity Volleyball takes first at the Invitational. Early on Saturday morning September 8th, the girls Varsity Volleyball team was preparing for their win later that day. The Invitational took place at Mason High School with six other teams to face, two sets per match.


The first opponent that Mason faced was Onsted High School. The score of the first set was 25-22. Mason pulled out a little stronger in the second set resulting in a win 25-13. Mason had one minor setback resulting in a close first set score. The team quickly noted it and fixed it promptly.
“They were having an issue with serve and receive but then quickly fixed it,” Line Judge Sabrina Vickery said after the second set. “The outcome was phenomenal.”
During their second match against Perry High School the score was 25-9 and 25-12. The team had great communication with each other and movement with the ball. They all moved towards the ball while taking sideway glances at each other, knowing who was going to hit the ball next.
Specifically, senior Olivia Williams hit a powerful spike sending the ball hurtling towards the Perry players. Which left them sliding on the slick gymnasium floor.
“We work really hard and get in a lot of practice with more reps. We knew we would be prepared for our match,”Williams said.


“We felt very confident going in,” senior Maureen St. Pierre said. As they walked in and out of the gymnasium the players carried with them composed expressions. They knew they had the invite in the bag.