School Store and More


Addison Soule

The Kennel is located between the library and science hallway.

James, Writer/Editor

The school store known as The Kennel has been officially unlocked and the Bulldogs are returning to procure drinks and treats for the year. Run by teacher Lee Chaney’s marketing students, they are able to be part of an authentic experience of handling money and getting used to the exchange of goods. During lunches, the school store offers a wide variety of snacks and drinks for students, they even sell school apparel including water bottles and tumblers.

The Kennel has something for everyone. “I feel welcomed in the store and the people running it are really nice” Junior Miles Losey said. The store, although run by upperclassman, accepts all grades, last year they even featured deals for freshman, and other grades, to get more foot traffic and make them feel accepted, there are never too many Bulldogs for The Kennel.
The Kennel is located just to the left of the lunch room hallway and also accessible from the library. The store will be serving year round, featuring a variety of items and deals, make sure you check out their stellar prices and great snacks. Snacks aren’t the only thing you can find there though there are Vitamin Waters, gum and even poster board. Go support your fellow upperclassmen and check out The Kennel.