A Secondary Benefit of Mask Wearing


Kelsea Barcelow

Kelsea Barcelow chillin’ with her mask at MHS

Wearing a mask has served a lot of people more purposes than just prevention of catching coronavirus, such as staying warm, feeling comfortable, and staying focused.

Individuals state that they did not get the flu or a cold like they usually do. Americans didn’t expect to still be in lockdown late into 2020, nor did they realize that masks help prevent other respiratory viruses either. 

“I might keep wearing my mask even after the pandemic is over, especially in Winter(flu season),” said Freshman Alexa Bowden. “My face will be warm and I won’t get sick.”

Masks serve an entirely secondary purpose for people with social anxiety: They act as a social firewall. It’s not uncommon for people to put on headphones while going out to avoid conversation. Masks serve a similar purpose, with added implication that they might be sick and it might actually be dangerous to talk to you. Freshman Melody Meyer knows this well.

“I’ve always been insecure with my nose and my lips so I feel a lot more comfortable going in public and not having to constantly think about if people are looking at my lips, or making fun of my nose,” said Meyer.

Freshman Kelsea Barcelow also appreciates the calming aspect of wearing a mask. 

“I’m always super self conscious about my face so I guess it hides that a bit more and helps me focus on what’s going on rather than being anxious,” said Barcelow.

Amongst staying warm, feeling comfortable, and staying focused, these three have proven masks serve more than just protection against coronavirus.