Competitive Cheer Takes Victory


Danielle Raiche

Mason Varsity Cheer

Maryssa Adaway, Sports Writer

On February 24th at Mason, the varsity cheerleading team had their second competition of the season, coming out on top. This competition was very important to the team, it’s one of the meets that determine league champs. The girls went up against Charlotte, Saint Johns and Fowlerville. 

The girls were ready to come out of this competition feeling good. Their scores improved in each round the way they wanted, all because of the new found energy and excitement the team had that day on the mat. 

“When we were on that mat competing I had never felt so much fire and passion coming from every single girl out there with me, I could tell we all wanted to win equally as bad. I knew we were going to do whatever it took to make that happen,” said Junior Brianna Judkins. 

The team came out of the competition with a win overall. This means that in order to take the title of league champs, the team needs to take first place again on March 10th. Sophomore Dani Raiche believes the team can do it. 

“I see so much potential and passion in this team. We have been putting in so much work to better ourselves. We all want this. I think this team has the capability to do anything”, said Raiche. 

This year the competitions are very different for the girls. There are fewer teams competing at a time, which makes the competition go by very quick. Senior cheerleader Kierstin Kilpatrick has really noticed the difference in pace this year.

“It has been a lot of work to get all of our rounds done with very little time. Normally we would have a few months and now we only have a few weeks,” said Kilpatrick, “I feel this team has really risen to the occasion.” 

And with only five weeks left the team hopes to accomplish the rest of their season goals. The girls hope to keep recreating the feeling they experienced that day. 

“After they announced first place I felt so proud of every single person on my team. I was so excited to be part of something so great”, said Judkins. On March 10th the Bulldogs hope to have that same feeling.