Mason Football Advances to District Finals

Bulldogs to Face Dewitt on Friday


Dana Houghton

Freshman A.J. Martel runs the ball against Fowerlville.

Maryssa Adaway, Sports Writer

The Bulldogs move forward in Division III District finals against Dewitt on Friday night in Dewitt. Mason Football played in their second playoff game against Fowlerville last week. The last time they played earlier in the season, Mason beat them 42 to 14. So the Bulldogs went into the game with their confidence high.

The team pulled together and came out with another win over the Gladiators. Final score came out as 38 to 13. This win means that the Bulldogs will be moving on against Dewitt. The game against the Panthers will determine who district champs are. 

Will the Bulldogs pull through and bring home another win? Varsity’s freshman, AJ Martel can shed some light on that for us. 

“I feel like our team will play really well on Friday. We have a huge opportunity so i think we will all take advantage of it and play the best game possible,” Martel said. 

Scoring a 70 yard touchdown, Martel reflects on the opportunities and successes with the varsity team. “It feels amazing to be doing so well with this group of guys. I’ve been waiting for the chance to play with them because you can tell they have something special,” Martel said.

Senior Mason Stewart feels that doing good and going this far into the season means a lot to the senior players on the team as well. “It really sucks to know that everything is coming to an end, no matter how many games we win each one is closer to the last. Which makes us pretty sad,” Stewart said. 

For the seniors, they hope that the team pulls through for another win so they can continue on. Senior Blake Showers feels they will surprise themselves. “I don’t think that the team will fold under pressure, we want to win. I don’t think the team is ready to give this up and the game is going to be a good fight from both teams,” said Showers. 

Get ready for one big game Mason. For tickets, go to and search for Dewitt High School. 

Freshman A.J. Martel runs the ball against Fowerlville. (Dana Houghton)