Among Us: Who is Sus?

Character Among Us Astronaut Red by Pixabay licensed under CC

Character Among Us Astronaut Red by Pixabay licensed under CC

Olivia Kinney, Staff Writer/Editor

The game Among Us grew in popularity over the last month. One can play as a crew member or an impostor in a spaceship with four to 10 people. 

“I like it because you can play it on the go and the games normally don’t take very long to play,” junior Hayden Haynes said.

Holding your ship together and returning to Earth is the premise of the game. But one crew member is the impostor who wishes to kill the rest of the crew before the ship reaches home. The imposter, unfortunately, appears exactly like everyone else and attempts to sabotage the ship by slipping through vents and framing other players.

“I am really good at it, I can lie pretty well which makes me a great imposter,” junior Deverion Jefferson said.

The non-alien crew members have to perform tasks to repair the ship, and can not speak until a death is reported. Then, via chat, the remaining crew will freely discuss who they believe the impostor is, and make their best guess on who to vote off the ship. The crew wins if the imposter is voted off. But if the party mistakenly votes off a crew member, before another body is found and they vote again, everyone goes back to maintaining the ship.

“It’s fun to be the imposter, but i think doing tasks and stuff is boring lol. – i think the game is pretty easy, my mom plays occasionally so it’s gotta be,” junior Sylvia Torok said.

Among Us is free to play on iOS and Android devices and costs $5 to play on a PC.

“I like the concept of the game and where it leaves you not knowing who to trust which makes the game a lot better,” Jefferson said.