The Importance of Voting


Kaelyn Craddock, Staff Writer

Voting is defined as a formal expression of an opinion or choice. Americans have the privilege of being able to vote for the leaders of their country and despite this many citizens choose not to vote. In the 2016 presidential election, only 55.5% of Americans who were eligible to vote did. 

“Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen of the United States.” History teacher Brian Martel said.

Why do some choose not to exercise their right to vote, allowing others’ choices determine the fate of our country? 

“…it is the pressure of picking someone, and picking who they agree with the most. The two party system definitely makes it harder to choose, if you consider yourself a republican, you are more apt to vote for that party, even though you don’t fully agree with them.” Freshman at Holt High School, Breh Corey said.

When voting, citizens choose someone that has the same belief as them and will stand firmly for those beliefs. Deciding who to vote for is a serious decision and leaves a great impact on society as a whole and should be thought through carefully. 

Understanding the candidates beliefs and stances is critical before voting. Voting is one of the ways a citizen’s voice is heard in the government in America, make sure to research and know what each candidate stands for. 

“The government seems to have a role in almost everything we do as citizens. Results of elections impact social environment, health environment, judicial decisions, policy and law creation and deletion.”  Vice Principal Kristin Higgins said.

When a person votes they decide not only what they believe to be best for themselves but also for the country. 

“As a citizen of the United States, it is vital that I take an active role in the direction our country takes.  I have an opportunity to have a say in who is elected into leadership, financial decisions that are made, legislation that is passed, and priorities that are set.”  Jennifer Bauer, Secretary at MHS said. 

Voting has an impact on everyone in America, not just for those that vote. Election results will have an impact on all Americans as laws and policies impact everyone. For example this election in particular could have a great impact on the lives of the youth of America. 

“If the youth want to be living on the Earth in 50 years, they better start getting involved in politics and find some people who are willing to commit to the Earth’s preservation – quickly!” Martel said.

“Voting affects everyone’s lives, we are choosing someone who is supposed to take it seriously and be a representative for the US.” Corey said. 

For all of the information needed to cast a vote in Michigan for this election visit the Michigan Voter Information Center (