MI State is Great!


“Michigan” By Edward Hand from Flickr, C

Cadence Smith

Michigan has an abundance of amazing qualities like four seasons and mass amounts of its very own shoreline. Nine million people call this state home because of its very unique qualities and resources. What is not to love? That is the exact reason why people like my family choose to stay. 


Michigan is one of the only states that experiences all four seasons and it is unlike any other. 


In the spring flowers bloom in a rainbow of colors and everything turns from brown to bright green; the animals come out again and nature wakes up louder than ever from winter. 


Thunderstorms brew in the evening providing the picture perfect Instagram sunsets we all see.


The weather is to die for in the summer. The summer has mild to hot days usually ranging in the 80’s or 90’s. This allows people to go outside in a tank top and not be dying of heat or sweating buckets. 


Outdoor activities on land or water guarantee a great time like hiking, fishing, tubing, or jet skiing. 


Not up for exercise? Sunbathe on the hot sand or rent a pontoon near one of the 11 thousand inland lakes Michigan has.  


In the fall the trees turn all kinds of different warm colors and the weather cools off a bit, but it is just enough to not have to bundle up yet. There is nothing like fall in Michigan: pumpkin patches, apple picking, hayrides, and corn mazes are the must haves. 


This includes apple cider, hot donuts, and hot coco. Everyone loves the big places like Uncle Johns in St. Johns or locals like the Country Mill in Charlotte.  


The winter has major benefits like playing in the snow, sledding, and ice skating; things that can not be done in California or Florida. 


The worst thing that can happen in the winter is the occasional snow/ ice storm or super cold days, in which bundling up like a marshmallow is needed and school is usually cancelled. 


Snow and ice are not that bad compared to coastal state natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and tornados. Thanks to the humidity and rain, which keeps our plants leafy green, Michigan does not get major forest fires like Arizona or California. 


Hurricanes and tsunamis can not happen here because we do not have enough water to fuel them like a coastal state would. 


One of the major surroundings in Michigan is trees. There are over 14 billion trees in Michigan and there are over 100 different kinds that call this state home. There is soft grass that is best for running around barefoot in and not feel like needles are being walked on.


 On top of all of that because of the farmland it produces a lot of corn, apples, blueberries, and cherries.


Michigan has a place for everyone with its large amounts of farmland, rural towns, and biggercities. If big cities are prefered, there are places like Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Warren. 


If smaller towns are more enjoyable, rural communities like Battlecreek, Albion, and Cheboygan are the right spots.


Not every coast line has to be salt water, and Michigan proves this so right. Opening one’s eyes underwater and not worrying about the sting of salt water burning them is perfect. Also there is no worry about great whites or hammerheads; there are no shark reports ever in the scientific record. 


Michigan has an upper and lower peninsula which means it has an abundance of clear coastlines, about 3,288 miles of it to be exact.  


There are many benefits to living in Michigan and almost nowhere can beat it. 


There are so many places to see like Mackinac Island, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Pictured Rocks, and more. There is something for everyone. 


Hot or cold, sand or snow, big cities or small towns; Michigan has it all. People can live here their whole lives and still only scratch the surface on adventures to have and memories to make.