Zeus’ Coney Island


Ashlyn Wilkinson

Inside Zeus’ Coney Island.

Ashlyn Wilkinson, Writer

Come anytime of the day to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Zeus’ Coney Island in the heart of South Lansing. The classic old diner atmosphere, the inexpensive home style food, and the welcoming service makes it a great experience for people of all ages. I give this diner a 4.5 out of 5 stars for the overall experience.

Customers immediately feel welcomed once they enter, although, it may be a little packed due to the counter in which customers cash out. As for the seating, customers have a choice of booths or tables. My party and I were seated almost immediately in a booth and did not have to wait even with most of the tables being taken.

 Senior Addison Soule had a similar experience when he went to Zeus’ Coney Island with his grandparents. “When I went the wait time was fantastic,” said Soule. “I don’t think we had to wait even when the restaurant was packed. It was nice to get a seat really quick, even with a party of five.”

Thanks to the awesome wait staff, customers can get to their meal faster. My server took great care of my table by making conversation with us, keeping our coffee cups full, sharing stories about herself, and getting our food out to us as soon as it was up. When she rang up the ticket, it got stuck in the machine and was not processed until she rang it up again. This made our food take a little longer but she was very apologetic and we were not in a rush. 

Sophomore Olivia Kinney commented on the service there, “I have formed relationships with the servers. They are super nice, and very caring and genuine. They really make you feel at home at the restaurant and comfortable.”

Ashlyn Wilkinson
A plate of biscuits and gravy and a plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs from Zeus’ Coney Island.

Along with the great service, Zeus’ is known for their great food. This Greek American diner has an extensive menu that ranges from a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, to a homemade spinach pie for dinner, and rice pudding for dessert. It is relatively inexpensive with the most expensive thing on the menu being $14.99. I ordered the half size of biscuits and gravy and two eggs. The biscuit came warm with a soft inside, while the gravy held lots of flavor and bits of sausage in it. It was very delicious and I was more than full with even the half size. The eggs came over easy as I ordered them, with soft yolks and a light buttery crispness to them. I had no complaints about the quality of food.

Sophomore Julia Harns comes from a Greek family. She commented on the quality of food and how it compares to traditional Greek family, “The food is actually really good. I think for Greek food it’s honestly really good. Their lemon rice soup is really good. I think it compares really well [to traditional Greek food.]”

Zeus’ Coney Island is not a traditional breakfast eatery. Its cuisine, service, and atmosphere are what sets them apart.

“ I love that place,” said junior Kierstin Kilpatrick. “They had their own feel and I like their different feel than other places. It is very great food and if you are looking for a place that has great food then that’s the place to go.”