Express Yourself


“Wardrobe” by Jessica Louise from Flickr, C

Olivia Kinney, Staff Writer/Lead Editor

Millions of decisions on what to wear took place just this morning, and every morning. Day to day, society overrules whether certain clothing can be socially acceptable, leading others to not express their true self. 

Junior Emma Smith comes to school each day with a retro look. “I wanted to look still classic but relaxed today. I find the decades of the past to be more flattering than the styles today, and I am not afraid to stand out” stated Smith.

Instead of following fashion trends that happen to be in style, people can take that fashion trend and personalize it. Adding originality may be tricky and limited, but separating oneself from everyone else helps create diversity. One can never change their look too much, as long as they remain themselves. Sophomore Leilani Casteele usually wears vibrant colors and lively outfits to school.

“Half the time it is required due to game days. I dress to express myself if I want to step outside my comfort zone. Style is important because you need to show your true colors. I would say my style is pretty basic but I like crazy colors and patterns.”  

Senior Greta Joneson wears stylish yet comfortable clothing. She advises others  to bring out their personalities through clothing and take the opportunity to further express oneself in a unique way.

“I dress this way because I love putting outfits together, pairing different clothing items together, and layering. I love seeing how many different outfits I can put together with only a few clothing pieces. All it takes is a simple accessory to make the whole outfit change,” said Joneson. 

Importantly, style gives people a boost of confidence. That does not mean changing oneself to look more appealing, it means to change one’s clothes to appeal to their personality.

“I dress the way I do because I feel confident and comfortable. I would dress the way I do now if there were no drawbacks because you should not care about what other people think” said sophomore Savannah Hernandez.

Society should dress to replicate their inner selves rather than copying others around them. Sophomore Nicholas Bass takes a more classic approach to style and wears fun shirts that speak to him.

“Sometimes it reflects my personality and other times I just have to look decent. I want the world around me to see a better me,” said sophomore Nicholas Bass.

Most are scared to step out of their comfort zone due to the judgement of others, preventing them from dressing the way they want. Keep in mind, dressing freely allows one to feel good about themselves and inspire others to do the same.

“Like a lot of people, one of the major things that holds me back from wearing certain clothing is what people might think. There is always a possibility that someone’s not going to like what you’re wearing or think you’re stepping too outside of the box but I’ve learned overtime that my opinion is what matters most,” said Joneson. “I’m always going to think twice about my outfit before going out but I have become more confident in my style as time has gone on.”

Money prevents some people  from buying the clothes they want, but most  work with what they have. Nowadays, teens go to local thrift stores and create fun outfits at low cost. Get creative and take old clothes and make them into something new. 

“If we all dressed the same life would be boring and pathetic and it lets you get an insight into what other people like.  People are scared of change and if no one dresses differently then life would be boring” declared Hernandez.