Fellow Robotics Team Breaks World Record

“Robot” by Takuya Oikawa is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Elise Comer, Staff Writer

A Michigan robotics team spent their winter break attempting to break a Guinness World Record on December 30th, 2019. Bullock Creek Robotics team built a 16 foot and 3-inch high toilet paper pyramid. Maxton Herst, a senior and the captain of the robotics team at Bullock Creek Highschool and the founder of this idea he had 3 years ago.

Herst originally came up with the idea when he accidentally came upon a video on YouTube of the current world record holding toilet paper pyramid. He then told his dad about the video and was told that Herst’s godfather ran a paper products company. This inspired him to beat the world record and make history, but his idea was never followed through until 3 years later. Sophomore and member of the Mason robotics team, Ally Buzard explains her thoughts on Bullock Creek’s accomplishment. 

“It does sound pretty cool, toilet paper is something you wouldn’t think about especially because we always get a set game every year and with us working on it right now for the season,” said Buzard. “I mean we could do it as like a side job, but it’d be really cool.”

Not only would this pyramid beat the world record, but it would help fund the Bullock Creek robotics team. The proceeds from all 27,434 rolls of toilet paper used will help prepare the team for their 10th season of competition. Club mentor, Tim Klingler is pleased with Herst’s idea, “If anybody could pull it off, it’s him,” said Klingler, according to Mlive.com. 

This accomplishment could hopefully inspire other robotics teams to do out-of-the-box things as well. “I do think it’s something I’ve never thought of before.” Says Buzard. Bullock Creek is also giving back to the community while making history.

The team managed to get many rolls of toilet paper from the company Veritiv, a pulp and paper industry. While the Bullock Creek Robotics team has a lot to be proud of, the Tractor Technicians have a worthy accomplishment from last year. Lizzy Rapson, a sophomore and member on the Mason robotics team talks about that proud moment.

“Altogether, winning the chairman award which took us to states just by winning that so it was kind of a whole team thing,” said Rapson. “But also individually we have certain jobs that we do and we all advance pretty well at them. Like the drivers are really good at driving and they take us to states.”

According to Herst, the final few layers excited the whole team but the last roll at the top was pretty anticlimactic. “It was just kind of mind-numbing work,” said Herst. The team is still waiting for feedback from the Guinness Book of World Records. Once they do, the robotics team will be recognized as the new world record holder for the largest toilet paper pyramid.