Let’s Make History!


Football by Dana Houghton

Kierstin Kilpatrick, Writer

A season of perfection was had by the 2019 Mason Varsity Football team and while the record reflects a perfect season, what it does not reflect is all of the hard work that the team put in both on and off the field. These young men will forever be remembered for this accomplishment. 

The  Mason High School football team constantly worked to get better for the upcoming season. “Getting ready for the 2019 season began in the off-season, in the weight room and in the film room, preparing the player’s minds and bodies for the season ahead,” said Houghton. Houghton also explains that getting the athletes stronger for the season physically and mentally got them ready for a great season.

“We started our lifting program two weeks after our previous season ended. The coaches pushed the guys pretty hard in practice and they responded well to every challenge. This was a very resilient group of people,” said Houghton.

As the season crept closer the more the boys had to keep pushing through. This became paramount when the very first game of the season got rained out, resulting in a two day game. The Bulldogs took their first victory of the season, beating Okemos 14-9.

Senior Cole Tomlin did not get to play on the field, but still made it a priority to be at every game to support this team. “Just by supporting them and being there… I mean, I couldn’t play but I was overall so proud of them and everything they accomplished. I was always there celebrating with them no matter what.” said Tomlin. 

Tomlin felt like he belonged on the team although he did not get to be on the field. “The guys were great. They treated me just like I was still playing and I still got really emotional when we lost our last game,” said Tomlin.

Tomlin remained happy to be there to support his team. “ I was always happy and I was always proud to be there because they made it such like a friendly environment,” said Tomlin 

Nonetheless, generosity and support came from the community of Mason. “They did a lot I mean, with the banners every game that was the cheerleaders and the student sections were crazy,” said Junior Max Gilchrist.

The Bulldogs’ matchup against Portland, a team that won 23 consecutive regular season games prior to their meeting, was the biggest game of the year. Both teams were League champions at 7-0. The estimated crowd appeared to be around 6,000 people that night. “The atmosphere was electric, it was the most exciting game I have ever coached,” said Houghton.

The Bulldogs won 21-17.

The final game against Eaton Rapids proved to make it a historic season. The Bulldogs won 48-6,  capping a 9-0 season, the first time in school history. 

“Happy that all the hard work had paid off and that we had the first 9-0 team,” said Junior James Horn.  The team received a police escort home to be greeted by dozens of Mason fans. 

Unfortunately, the season came to an end in the first round of playoffs. They played the Red Wings from Saint Johns and lost 7-17. Although it was a tough loss,  the team still had a great season. “It was disappointing, sad, but just remembering what we accomplished was great and there was that to remember,” said Senior Jedian Acevedo.