Disney strikes again with the streaming wars


Nevaeh Reasoner, Writer

 Disney moves in on Netflix, hitting them in the face as they watch their movies and subscribers dance their way over to Disney plus. About $300 million is what Disney spent on their new server making sure they ended up on top again, with Netflix only spending about $20,000 on their server. 

Some people would describe Netflix to be the “big daddy of streaming” taking them 6 years to get 1 million subscribers, now having about 153 million subscribers in 2019, but that may not be the case for long. Disney Plus launched November 9th, 2019 racking in about 10 million subscribers already in less than a month. They continue to add on to that as more movies and TV shows appear on Disney Plus.  

Disney acquired all their movies from Netflix after ceasing licensing deals with them. Disney is drawing in more eyes with Disney Plus because they have more than just their own movies. Disney actually owns Pixar, Marvel Entertainment, and Lucasfilm LTD, as well as a joint venture with National Geographic. Junior Michael Montalvo thinks more people should get on Disney Plus.

“It’s a good way to reconnect with your childhood and just good memories” Montalvo said, watching old shows such as The Sweet Life Of Zack & Cody to put him back into his childhood memories again.

Disney Plus provides over 7,500 TV episodes and 500 films for their subscribers. That seems to be the real winner for most kids, as their favorite TV shows and movies are replaced with new updated ones. 

“All the movies and shows I used to watch as a little kid are not on TV sometimes,” Senior Shyanne Ferman said.

Disney has been using social media as their best friend, drawing in the young eyes as best as they can.

“I found out about Disney Plus from social media, everyone was posting about it,” said Senior Clarissa Roberts.

Verizon wanted to jump in the race with Disney Plus as well, giving their Verizon wireless customers a free year of Disney’s streaming service. 

“I got a text from Verizon because I get a free year of it.” Ferman says. 

Everyone seems to be loving this new movie entertainment that has been nothing but perfect from the eyes of most, except for some who had got caught up in the glitching and service outages on the first couple of weeks of the server being up. 

“It would log me out a few times a week,” said Ferman.

As Disney continues to build on to their name, they draw in the eyes of the younger children building on to their dreams. Netflix has played the part of making people happy with their server as well, “It just brings you back to you’re old childhood and the movies are really good.” says Ferman about the servers.