Insanity at its finest


“McKamey Manor” by Trending Topics 2019 from Flickr, C.C BY 2.0

“Scary” by Kuldeep’s Photography from Flickr, C

Olivia Kinney, Writer

Everyone loves a little thrill or jump scare but the McKamey Manor in Summertown, Tennessee takes it way too far to the extent that no one can finish the tour. Definitely not your average haunted house.

The Mckamey Manor is open all year round and currently has about 24,000 people on the waiting list.  For admission the McKamey Manor requires a bag of dog food instead of a few bucks like a regular haunted house. To even further the process, they ask any one who is willing to take on the haunted house to fill out a forty page waiver in which one signs off to potentially get their tooth pulled, finger broken, or their head shaved. If one successfully completes the 10 hour haunted house they can win a grand prize of $20,000.

“It is so not worth it, they are basically torturing you and getting away with it,” said Sophomore Grace Halstead. “Only psychos go through with it”.

Many people ask, “Do they hurt you?” and the answer is yes. This Haunted House is not safe whatsoever. Owner Russ McKamey has advised a “safe phrase” that can be used to end the experience, although they don’t end it most of the time. Reddit user u/BelleDelphinesWater released part of the waiver; rule #50 states, “Participant fully understands and agrees that once participant enters MM there is no quitting unless serious physical or psychological injury is present”. Therefore, one’s chances to complete it are slim, considering that no one has ever accomplished the tour. 

“Understand that each tour will be different based upon your personal fears, and can last up to 10 HOURS,” the website reads. “Each guest will be mentally and physically challenged until you reach your personal breaking point.” 

It’s unbelievable that this attraction is still running. How is it in any way legal? There’s a petition on that is trying to end the Manor, with over 80,000 signatures as of Halloween 2019. The petition claims reports of sexual assault occurred right inside the manor in which the manor hired people who are sexual offenders and people known to be violent. It also claims that needles are used to inject participants with hallucinogens, and other illegal activities. In response, the sickening man himself replies to these claims by stating it is funny because it is his private property and it is something he enjoys doing, and persists to saying his actions are fully legal.

“I think it’s terrible and what the people have to go through to finish the house is psychologically not right and it should be shut down because the employees are just torturing the civilians” said junior Emma Palmer.

There is no doubt about it, the McKamey Manor is a disguised torture chamber that gives deranged people an excuse to harm others, and in the end no one is wining $20,000. How come they get to keep their dirty money while impairing visitors? This place should not exist nor have an abundance of people waiting to take on the McKamey Manor. Halstead has one thing to say about it.

“Do it if you’re crazy,” said Halstead.