Five Different Athletes

Five different athletes different lifestyles, different teammates, and different goals but they are all brought together under one school under one family.


Samantha Trout, Staff Writer

Olivia Jolly • Freshman • Girls’ Cross Country

Even though Olivia is a Freshman she works hard everyday to earn her spot on the varsity team and pushes her teammates to become better runners as well as teammates.

ST: How inclusive is the team?

OJ: “Our team is very close we always encourage each other and push each other at practice and during the meets we are a very supportive team we’re always are cheering for each other even when we have a bad race everyones there to pick you up and get back to where we need to be.”

ST: Do you consider yourself a leader on the team? Who is?

OJ: “I do consider myself a leader, we also have many other leaders on our team such as Lucy but I would consider myself a leader. I make sure we are doing what we are supposed to do I encourage my teammates. I set an example for them and I work hard at practice everyday and show them what it means to work hard.”

ST: How important are sports at mason? 

OJ: “Sports at mason are very important it helps you grow a connection with people and it helps you get involved especially as a freshman it keeps me involved and busy.”

James Horn • Junior • Boys’ Football

As a lineman James doesn’t touch the ball but yet his position on the field is greatly needed. Each players strengths and downfalls are what wins games and what loses games, without each position doing their part the team would fall apart.

ST: Do you consider yourself a leader on the team? Who is? 

JH: “I’d say I would consider myself a leader sometimes I’m not one of the guys on the team that leads by voice I’ll try to lead through actions.”

ST: How important are sports at mason?

JH: “I think they are very important I think that we have a nice history of sports and to keep it up we need to keep striving and grinding through practice to keep that going.”

ST: What is it like playing sports at mason?

JH: “It’s fun for the most part there’s some days where it can be difficult but overall coming out on a friday night in front of your town backing you is a great feeling and something that a lot of people should get to feel.”

Jayln Sartor • Sophomore • Boys’ Tennis

Even without the stands full at every match the players still work hard to compete for our school. 

ST: Why do you think that tennis doesn’t get as much attention as other sports?

JS: “I don’t think people find it as interesting to watch as sports like football and basketball.”

ST: What do you think people should know about the sport?

JS: “That it is pretty exciting to watch and that you know it’s fun to watch so they should come out and support more.”

ST: How important are sports at mason?

 JS: “Sports are important it gets the community out and the school out to support the players and the school. And it’s a lot of fun it’s good interaction with coaches and students.”

Sydney Shaft • Junior • Girls’ Volleyball

The volleyball team has a very close atmosphere that all the players can feel at every practice and game. 

ST: Is it hard to balance sports and school?

SS: “Not really you just kinda have to get used to it it depends on the day but all the teachers are like really chill about getting work done and stuff and balancing that.”

ST: What is the atmosphere like on the team?

SS: “It’s like a family atmosphere we are very close to each other we all kinda have a bond that not many other sports teams have.”

ST: What is it like playing sports at mason? 

SS: “It’s really fun honestly you get to meet a lot of new people and have a lot of different friends and it’s just great to hang out with those people.”

Samuel Kinney • Senior • Boys’ Cross Country

Sam has been running with the team for many years but he still appreciates each meet and each runner individually. 

ST: How do you think the team can improve from last year?

SK: “From last year we got a lot of good freshmen coming in and over the course of the next years coming to like we are just like really improving just keep on like making them push hard at practices every single one and making them like run on their own time whenever they can.”

ST: Why do you think cross country doesn’t get as much attention as other sports?

SK: “When it comes to thinking of sports it’s fun getting involved with a team but cross country it’s simply running, I mean not many people just wanna do a sport that’s just running. They just think, oh wow your just gonna like die running and then that’s all your doing is just like persevering while your running. But no it’s just thinking about how you can finish a race and like how it feels to just pass one guy after another while your running during a meet and it feels really good.”

ST: How important are sports at mason? 

SK: “Sports in mason are important because it builds a team with other people and just like getting together supporting each other it’s really fun and it builds our community as a whole and pushes us to strive harder for what we want to become sports-wise.”