All Time Low


Brian Hamlin

When it comes to the heart of a team, people really get to see it in the most unfortunate of times, On October 15 2019, the Mason Bulldogs soccer season came to an end in the district semi-finals against Parma Western. 

From when the bus left for Parma High school at 3:15 pm. to when the first whistle was blown, the Bulldogs were pumped for the big game ahead of them. They went in with a confidence that they haven’t really had before, a little “chip on the shoulder,” as Coach Jacob Derby said. This killer attitude helped them almost win the game. 

The Bulldogs came out of the gate strong and controlled the first 5-8 minutes of the game, getting 5 shots on goal by Sophomore Matt Gearhart, Juniors Josh Madary and Jack Creamer. The rest of the half was pretty even given the talent of Parma and the talent of the Bulldogs. At half time the score was still tied 0-0. During the team talk, the Bulldogs were still confident and believed that they could pull away.

“ After half we were all hyped up. Everyone on the team was ready to finish out the game and come out with a win,” said junior Eli Gill, “ as we took the field, people were getting loud and jumping up and down. It was a pretty cool moment.”

The second half of the game started and stayed strong for the Bulldogs. When they came out of the huddle and took the field, the look on their faces said it all. There were a few moments in the half where everyone on the field was winded. The Bulldogs hung in there till the end though. 

When it came down to the last minute the game was still tied 0-0. Mason was scrambling to get a goal. Madary and Creamer had 4  combined chances in the last minute but none could find the back of the net. In the last 15 seconds of the game Parma Western got a corner kick because of a slide tackle that the refs called “ studs up”. 

The time stops and Parma sets up in their formation with Mason’s back line and midfield tight on them. Parma Western scored with 14.6 seconds left in the game on a header that was whipped into the top portion of the net. 

“Every person has an extremely important role and if you don’t play your position correctly, the whole team suffers from it. Unfortunately, we let one person get a head on it and he scored. You can’t be perfect every time.” said Creamer .

Unfortunately for Mason, the dynamic on the field changed dramatically. In a last effort to tie the game, the Bulldogs put their back line up on the half line with the forward and midfield on the kickoff and they rushed Parma’s goal in a last chance to score. Parma got the ball and kicked it over the bulldogs. Parma scored their last goal in the last 2 seconds of the game with no keeper in goal.

After the last whistle blew, many players for the Bulldogs lied down on the field with their shirts over their heads. As they walked off, moral was low and the team went silent. People never really get to see the brotherhood of a team until something unfortunate happens. Despite the loss, the morale heals and the next season begins.

“The future of Mason Soccer is in our junior’s hands right now. I’m not gonna be here next year and to be honest, that really bums me out,” Senior and Captain Nathan Madary said. “Next year will be a different year for this program, you guys are gonna see the old Mason soccer again.”