Mario Kart Kraze


Chasey Ramey, Writer

Mario Kart Tour is the most notorious new app that has come out this year, and its release on mobile phones in September of 2019 caused a record breaking 10.1 million downloads in the first day. Fans had been requesting and waiting for this application for what had seemed like an eternity and now that it is out, many are weighing in. As the app was in the making, fans were so ready for it to be released and just thought of the good that would come. However, not everyone is singing the praises of this release.

Bad factors that are brought up in professional reviews include the lack of multiplayer, the fact that people play bots as they race, and limited access. Sophomore Dylan Kanouse was an early player and critic of the game. “Steering could be better made, and multiplayer NEEDS to be added,” Kanouse said.

 In the app there are displays of advancements to the game that people can buy, and it can get very annoying and tempting and upsets most players. People still have the app even with these factors just because of its popularity.

Some strong aspects about the app are the fun tracks and their short duration, being only two laps long. During gameplay drivers can not fall off the tracks and some people do not like this aspect, but some do, like Sophomore Albiona Beka. “My favorite part of the game has to be when all the racers are racing to get an item box, and they all end up getting one no matter what. That just makes me happy,” said Beka. The setup is pristine as graphics are organized well and can be understood. The fun of the app is what makes it most enjoyable. 

Not all views upon the game are positive, however.  Some Adults feel like it takes up time and is unnecessary. “I find no problem with it at home but at a certain point I limit my children’s screen time,” says Teacher Ryan McCullen. Parents of young children never want to see them so engaged in a game that they shut the world out, and that is what some parents are scared of coming from this app.

When young children play the game it poses no help towards their education, which could leave parents having some problems with the amount of time their kids play the game. “I limit the play of the game for my child and sometimes don’t let them play at all,” said Teacher Deborah Schafer. No gameplay is also an option to just cut out the wasted time if a child is obsessed with playing.

The pros and cons of this game differ, as Kanouse offers his final words. “The game will definitely be treasured just because of the past legacy of Mario Kart even when some people might not  like it in the future,” said Kanouse. With 20 million players and huge popularity, no matter how much or little people play, it will always be treasured.