Mason Co-op Aims to Make a Splash


Anthony Branson, Staff Writer

A new Co-op Water Polo team has come to the Lansing area,

and this year they are looking to make a statement in districts.

The new team named LA Skipshot has

players coming from Mason, Grand Ledge, Waverly, Holt and

Lansing Catholic High Schools.

The team hired Coach Ron Marsh in hopes they would have a 

great driving force behind their new season.


 Coach Marsh started successful Co-op teams 

in the past, as well as the Mason High School Girls team. Marsh 

Began the process of creating a new water polo team this summer,

teaching potential players the rules and fundamentals of the game.


Goalkeeper Isaac Estill, a Junior from Waverly, talked about how

 Coach Marsh has impacted his season.


“Coach Marsh is a very experienced and well known coach. Through

His leadership we as a team have gained experience and skill throughout the season,” said Estill.


MHS teacher and Water Polo coach Betsy Collins has also been 

a key part of the team. She has 7 years experience coaching

at the high school level and also played in high school.


Jonas Cantrell, a Junior from mason high school, has been one of the key

 contributors on the team. He has previously swam for mason, and is a state champion in the 500 free.Cantrell talked about what has taken some getting used to in the sport of polo.


“The Conditioning has been hard, and the other teams having six more

years of experience over us,”said Cantrell.


Connor Schlagel, a Senior from Grand Ledge, talked about how important knowing your teammates is.


“ I think it is very important to know your teammates,and I think the summer practices were invaluable in terms of getting to know the guys from other schools,”said Schlagel.

The team is hoping to turn some heads at the district tournament October 25th.