TikTok Fame In Mason High School


“TikTok” by Aaron Yoo, from Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0

Savannah Trout, Writer

Several students among the Mason High School population found fame on the app TikTok. TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing apps, amassing over 1 billion users.

Users @honey0bee, @148michaell, @katelyn.franks and @collin_252 are all seniors at Mason High School. Every face seen on the app will be easily identifiable in the school hallways. However, not all TikTok users publicly share their identity. “I will not reveal myself because I find it fun to have people guessing; it adds a little bit of mystery to the equation,”  @honey0bee said. 

 @honey0bee attends Mason High School and it is their senior year. They have 13,400 followers and 196,200 likes. Their content has 639,000 views across 7 videos. “I make drawing videos,”  @honey0bee said. 

@148michaell says he’s been around since the lip sync app Musical.ly. Michael Montalvo is a Mason High School senior. A famous muser (Musical.ly user), Derek Kildall, dueted Montalvo back in 2017. “He did a duet with me and he had a couple of million followers on TikTok … I’d say I gained a thousand or two followers,” Montalvo said. He has gained 4727 followers and over 94,000 likes.

@katelyn.franks loves TikTok. 2,307 people follow Katelyn Franks and she has amassed 176,400 likes. Her claim to fame is a TikTok that went viral about a gynecologist visit. “The one about the lady parts doctor, it has 122,000 likes,” said Franks, “I saw the same audio being used for someone else and it was the guy version. I was like, ‘Oh, I can do that.’” 

“I’m not famous,” @collin_252 said. He has 24,200 followers and 227,200 likes. Collin Abfalter encourages readers to follow him on TikTok. He accredits his following to his unique content. “People love expensive cars and expensive things,” said Abfalter. 

Franks explains that her content is a mixture of all different kinds. Videos on TikTok range from comedy to cooking, singing to skating, and drawing to dancing. Local users’ content ranges from comedy, to cars, to caricatures. “I love cars and I know a lot of people like them too, so I thought I’d show the world,” said Abfalter.

“The For-You page is a lot like the Instagram explore page,” @honey0bee said. This page is designed to give users a chance to reach a wider audience. When a video gets featured on the For-You page it receives many likes and views, boosting the user’s page. “I don’t get 31,000  likes on all my videos but because I was on the For-You page I got 31,000 likes,” Montalvo said. 

Some TikTok users earn money from their fame. “I wouldn’t want that lifestyle,” said Franks. TikTok ultra-fame, although pretty cool, is not something wanted by any of these users. “It’s like a social influencer job,” said Montalvo. Famous TikTokers have the opportunity to make money outside of the app as well. “You can do affiliate marketing, which is promoting people’s brands and selling other people’s products through your TikToks,”  Abfalter said.

“It’s just a place for people to have fun and just be themselves, a form of self-expression,” TikTok user @honey0bee said.

Image : “TikTok” by Aaron Yoo, from Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0