The U.S. Voting System, is it Flawed?


Voting by Tom Arthur is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Dalton Caron, Staff Writer

No matter what we do or what we say, we the people of the United States of America cannot deny the ugly truth that our government is allowed to manipulate us on a daily basis to get away with acts of deception and corruption in all manners of ways, in every branch.

When it comes down to voting, we are explicitly told our “people’s vote” matters, but does it really? In the 2016 election year, the Democratic Nominee Hilary Clinton won the people’s vote, but because the Republican Nominee Donald Trump won the electoral vote he became president. Yet “our vote” matters. 

When I approached senior Mario Gonzales on the matter he told me, “We’re told our vote matters, and the system we have is set up in a way that really does make us believe that, but it really doesn’t. We’ve got things like the Electoral college where politicians get together and they decide,” said Gonzales, “Most of these people are nearing the end of their time as politicians, and really don’t care what the people they’re representing want and just choose for themselves while barely considering the ideals of the people”. 

On election day when the mass populous goes to vote for who they would like to be President, they also vote for the slate of electors who are representing their choice of President. The names of these “electors” don’t even appear on the ballot, so really people are just giving up their vote to these people and saying “you go vote for me”. But Senior Ethan Miller places the blame elsewhere.

“I feel the problem doesn’t lay upon the government but the people instead. The majority only bother to vote for the president and hardly anything else” Miller said, “I can’t remember the last time my parents voted for someone in the Senate, Governor, or really anyone outside of the Presidency”.

Although both of these viewpoints proposed are valid, there is one other that both Senior Meghan Bolley and many of the MHS student body share. “I don’t really know,” Bolley said, “Honestly I don’t really care, but I hate Trump and I hate Hillary”.

This only begs the question, as the people of the United States of America, does our vote really matter? If not, who is at fault for this injustice? The politicians or the people?