Mid-Season Varsity Volleyball


Chasey Ramey, Writer

Mason Varsity Volleyball is off to a great start this 2019 season, starting out 5-1 with a couple more games and championships to go. Led by Junior Captain Sage Kissman, the Bulldogs are excited for what this season will bring.

 Mason seems appreciative of the team’s energy. On behalf of their5-1 season so far and their ability to get the crowd roaring, the team is more than ready to get the season rolling. They worked hard all summer executing daily practices to improve their game. With their home loss to St. Johns, the team still manages to stay strong and still fights to get better.

Members have a strong bond given the team building activities Coach Zwick prepares for the girls. “The strongest aspect of the team has to be the communication and the bond we all have,” Junior Isabel Reemsnyder said. Team building has been a tactic for the team for a while now. 

“Teamwork is what mainly holds the team together and helps out our game.” explains Junior  Savannah Schafer. Volleyball can be one of the most energetic and determined sports in MHS and requires astonishing teamwork.

First return taken from Junior Savannah Schafer passed to Karsyn Delbridge, a Junior. She then sets the ball towards Junior hitter, Sage Kissman, who spikes hard over the net winning the point. 

“The roles we play and the communication we have are definitely an important part in our good gameplay,” sophomore Joey Van Meter said. The team’s lineup is the heart of their team. Everyone plays their own part in the game. 

The Bulldogs, with only one loss, have to accommodate any tough losses they have and only work to achieve power again. “From a loss comes loads of improvement to make and so Coach helps us through what we think we need to work on,” Demott said.

 As the team progresses, their ambition to be the best and a positive attitude towards the game displays their bright future. “There is never discouragement and the team feels like they can be who they are while trying their best. This tells me we have a great future ahead of us.” adds Junior Kissman.