Green Dot Stables: A Hidden Gem


Olivia Kinney, Writer

It may look like an ordinary tavern from the outside, but the Green Dot Stables has so much to offer right in East Lansing. The whole equestrian theme has one expecting some sort of western shootout to occur. I’d give this restaurant a solid 4 out of 5 stars for their inviting atmosphere and flavorful food.

When approaching the restaurant, the outside exterior isn’t anything miraculous but once one enters they’ll quickly noticed the playful and rustic ambience. Inside, there are 2 pool tables (where it’s free to play), a bar, a big area to eat, and a patio as well. The acoustics were decent; it was a blend of classic 70’s, such as the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. As for the seating area, it was arranged like a horse stable, hence the name. To top off the western look, they have a mechanical horse on display. Many people who take notice of the scenery wonder where the name comes from; my waitress Terri G. had no problem explaining the history to me.

“The Green Dot Stables originated in Detroit,” said Waitress Terri G, pointing out the other location of the restaurant. “After riding horses the riders would come hang out across the DRC (Detroit Race Course) and eat at the original stables”.  

Onto the most significant feature of this restaurant: the food. The menu isn’t very large but their prices tend to surprise patrons which range from 2-3 dollars allowing one to order a variety of different sliders and satisfy a variety of cravings. The Green Dot Stables is commonly known for their famous sliders. These sliders aren’t the average sluggish piece of meat between bread. I ordered the grilled chicken slider, glazed with maple; a perfect combo. There is not much to say for the fries, there were different options from cajun to truffle & herb, but they still tasted bland and unfulfilling. While contemplating why these fries were not enough, Terri filled me in on the Green Dot Stables small portions concept and how it allows people to try more things off the menu. Some customers don’t agree with this concept.

“The only food on the menu was sliders, the smallest I’d ever seen. The portions are smaller than any kids menu I’ve ever seen” said Yelp user Brad H., speaking on his lacking experience. “I was hungry for a good meal.” Even if the sliders have the most creative and savory taste, it may not be enough for some.

 The mystery meat slider is what really gets customers to pull out their wallets. Although at first it may not sound very appetizing, it happens to be a well cooked piece of meat with spices and unique add ons. The mystery meat slider won me over; I tried the Herb marinated pork chop, which was sauced with tasty romesco and layered with charred feta. 

“Do try the mystery meat slider… I tried the poppy seed encrusted tuna and it was a delight” said Tripadvisor reviewer Isioma O, agreeing that the mystery meat slider was an excellent choice. The mystery meat slider allows customers to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.

What grabbed my attention was my drink that came with a paper straw, instead of being made from plastic. Terri mentioned that they are very environmentally friendly and recycle everything. One thing that customers this day and age are looking for are environmentally sound spots, and the Green Dot Stables is most certainly one of them. What truly makes the Green Dot Stables different from other restaurants is their service. They have the most friendly staff that I’ve encountered in a long while, making it so we receive our food in less than 15 minutes while filling our drinks at the right time, and good conversation as well. Sophomore Emma Chrome was pleased with her visit to the Green Dot Stables and believes the wait staff is astonishing compared to other restaurants that acquire crabby workers.

“I really liked how they had different sides and different sliders you can mix and match with and It was cool how you could play pool while waiting for your food” said Chrome, speaking from her past experience.“I definitely want to come back again and try a new slider”.  In the end, most customers leave the restaurant pleased with their meal and are excited to come back and try something new and fun! 

Photo taken by Olivia Kinney