Top 15 Beaches In Michigan To Check Out This Summer

Jamie Hude, Writer

The state of Michigan, commonly known as “the Great Lakes State” is made up of over 11,000 inland lakes including Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Superior, and Lake Erie.

Wonder what the best beaches in Michigan are? Here is a list of the top 15 beaches to check out this summer according to

Number 15 is Hoffmaster State Park Beach which is close to the North Shores in Muskegon. This beach starts from the Gillette Sand Dune Visitor Center to the Lake Michigan Dunes. It is open 365 days a year, has miles of hiking and skiing trails, and a 297-site campground. Hoffmaster State Park Beach also has a stairway that helps visitors climb to the top of a elevated sand dune that reveals a breathtaking view of both the sand dunes and Lake Michigan.

Coming in at number 14 is Tawas Point State Park. This park is made up of over 180 acres of land and is named the “Cape Cod of the Midwest.” The water is pretty shallow which helps make this beach family and pet-friendly. Tawas Point State Park has an aged lighthouse that was built in 1875. Visitors can take a tour of the lighthouse, stay nearby in a campground, or go bird watching while in the area because there is about 300 unique species of birds around this area.

Number 13 is the very popular South Beach Park in Grand Haven. This park is open 365 days a year and has not only a beach but a lighthouse, picnic tables, concessions, showers/restrooms, a playground for the kids and a skatepark nearby. It is known for being a very relaxing and family-friendly beach to attend while on vacation.

North Manitou Island comes in at number 12. This beach is a very relaxing and quiet place to travel to. It is made up of over 15,000 acres and has barely any tourists nor vendors. Visitors can go hunting, camping, or hiking. There are small villages located on the island where tourists can meet the natives that live there during the day and at night tourists can explore a spooky ghost town nearby.

In 11th place is Saugatuck Dunes State Park Beach which is located right next to Lake Michigan. The Saugatuck Dunes are some of the biggest dunes in the area and the park visitors are more than happy to come to the beach during the day. Besides spending time on the beach/dunes, there are also hiking trails, and several souvenir stores and restaurants in the area.

At number ten is the Silver Lake Sand Dunes between Ludington and Muskegon. This beach is secluded which means to actually get to the beach itself from the parking lot, tourists need to walk roughly 45 minutes. This is because there are around 2,000 acres of sand dunes that help separate the lake from the beach.

Taking the place of number nine is Tiscornia Beach in St. Joseph. This beach is family-friendly containing a bathing area, picnic area, public restrooms, a pavilion, trails up and down the dunes and fishing area. Tiscornia Beach is known for its calm waters and beautiful views. The use of alcohol and animals are not allowed.

Climbing at number eight is the “Salmon Capital of Michigan,” or the “Nautical City.” This location is actually called Rogers City, but are known as these two other names due to its affiliation with the shipping industry. This location is home to one of the largest ports and contains multiple beaches. Many individuals visit Rogers City to fish.

Number seven is Warren Dunes State Park in Sawyer. This park is one of the most popular ones in the entire state. It contains Tower Hill, the tallest sand dune in the entire park towering at 240 feet tall. Travelers can climb up this dune and see the true beauty behind Lake Michigan and the area around it.

At number six is Copper Harbor found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Not only does Copper Harbor contain fun activities for visitors like hiking and checking out the lighthouse, but it is also used to help carry passengers from the Isle Royale National Park to the northern Michigan area.

Taking fifth place is Manistique beach which was named after the meeting place between Lake Michigan and Manistique River. It has a harbor and beach area where most of the locals hang out. For activities, visitors can go fishing, boating, camping, hunting, and even snowmobiling in the wintertime. There are also multiple shops and restaurants and the Seul Choix Point Lighthouse to check out as well.

Reaching number four is Empire Beach at the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Empire Beach is known for being relaxing and nature-filled for visitors. Vacationers can swim, hike, bird-watch, bike around, or just sit back and take in the view.

Near the number four beach is the Sleeping Bear Dune National Lakeshore at number three. This location is made up of 60 miles of shoreline and is one the most popular beaches in all of Michigan. Vacationers can climb up and down the sand dunes, swim at the bottom of the dunes, go canoeing, hike through the forest, or relax and bird watch. This is a family-friendly beach and will make a vacation you won’t forget.

Junior, Hazel Campbell-Crawley discussed her experience of attending the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore Park.

“Sleeping Bear Dunes was really fun, when I went went we did the hike from the Dunes all the way to Lake Michigan for about a mile and a half but beware the beach is very rocky,” Campbell-Crawley said.

She went on to explain to newcomers what they need to know when they attend this beach.

“Be careful because your feet are going to get burned, pack a lunch, make sure you have somewhere to keep all of your trash, don’t litter on the beach unless you’re trash and if you have a Jeep or an offroad vehicle I would suggest doing that up there that would be fun.”

Climbing the charts at number two is Orchard Beach State Park. For easy access to the beach, there is a staircase that leads visitors down to the beach where they can take it all in. People can go swimming, have a picnic, go hiking, or take a trolley ride on a tour of the Manistee area. In the wintertime, this is a nice location to go cross-country skiing. Provided facilities that are provided are public restrooms, picnic tables, a campsite (which includes 2 showers and restrooms), a cabin, and 2 paved areas for visitors that have mobility concerns.

Finally, ranking at number one is the Grand Haven beach. It has a 48-acre state park, a red lighthouse, a boardwalk that leads to town, and lots of restaurants and shops. For just $9 a day, vacationers can come and spend the day at this popular beach.

This summer, take a trip to one of these cool beaches with a friend or family member and make it the ultimate summer vacay.