Three Questions for Game Three of the NBA Finals

Colin Koot

The Warriors responded in Game 2.  After the first game of the series, many were doubtful that Golden State could win without Kevin Durant, but they proved they could get the job done.

Golden State scored the first 18 points of the third quarter, propelling themselves into the driver’s seat for the remainder of the game. However, many questions remain for the third game of the series, back in the bay.

1. What Marc Gasol Will the Raptors Get?

Gasol is one of the major keys for the Raptors.  In the first game, he put up twenty. points, which helped to lead Toronto to a nine point win.  In Game 2 however, he added just six points.

If Gasol can take advantage of the Warriors’ lack of a significant presence down low, then he can exploit their main weakness and help to bring the Raptors an NBA championship.

2. Will Kevin Durant Return to Action?

This is the biggest key for the Warriors.  If Kevin Durant can return to the court and make a significant impact, the series shifts significantly towards Golden State.

He gives them a buffer zone that in Game 1, they proved that they needed.  When KD plays, the Warriors have more options on offense and will be able to wear out the already short Toronto bench.

Durant is able to transform the Warriors from very good to almost unbeatable.  As soon as he is able to give effective minutes, the series will get a lot harder for the Raptors.  The Warriors do not absolutely need him, but he will give them a big boost if he does return.

3. Can the Raptors Get More Out of Their Backcourt?

Toronto’s two starting guards gave their squad a combined twenty points.  That’s not enough for a championship team. Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam can only carry the Raptors so far.  Kyle Lowry and Danny Green need to step into more of a scoring role.

If Toronto can get scoring from more than two players going forward, it will help out their chances in the series, even with the potential return of Durant.