The Making Of Prom Night

James Muenzenmaier & Dalton Caron, A&E Editor

Prom for some people is one of the most memorable nights of their time spent in high school. That being said, the efforts that go into creating the atmosphere for prom can sometimes go unnoticed.

To make Prom Night a reality, efforts are made between students and staff alike, with many different creative abilities and talents. Plenty of hours are spent between participants, completing a variety of challenging tasks, most pertaining to a certain aspect of the dance.

For example, acquiring a competent staff to help direct and serve guests is needed, as well as the funds to use aforementioned services, so the right research would need to be made. Prom can not be magical without the right music, in terms of both variety and style, so to keep the audience satisfied, an accredited and talented disk jockey is needed.  

Of course, a High School prom costs quite a bit. And to acquire the funds necessary, help from both students and the community is the school’s preferred method of supporting the financial needs and wants of prom itself.

 “The process that went into making prom an extremely special night was very thorough, like fundraising, finding a theme, acquiring, sorting, and setting up decorations, and hiring a disk jockey. In the end to get into Spartan Stadium alone is $6,000(to get food, a Dj, or extra decorations or features they want to add), and from our three different fundraisers we only made $710,” said Junior class-officer Hazel Campbell-Crowley, “I always thought that helping out as a junior class officer would be a great opportunity to progress my social and business skills and to connect with to community and junior class further”.  

  Campbell-Crowley, as well as other junior class officers, decided that the theme for prom would be Arabian nights. 2019 Prom Night commenced on the 18th of May at 7:00 P.M. EST in the Huntington Club Suite at the MSU Stadium. When entering the stadium and taking an elevator ride up four floors you were greeted with staff just confirming you had a ticket and were not bringing anything illegal or unwanted into the hall to ensure a safe and fun night, and once again participants were reminded that they were not allowed re-entry upon exiting the grounds after leaving from this point on.

Per usual the hall was littered with decorations, lights, music, and an astoundingly delicious dessert bar. From ice cream with dozens of toppings to strawberries covered in chocolate, the choices were endless.

“The night was ecstatic and filled with great people, music, and decorations,” said Junior Alyssa Reynolds, “ I’ve never had a more exciting night than Prom night, I can’t wait till next year.”.

Next year however, Prom will be changing to a new venue, Eagle Eye Golf Course due to a rising cost in using the Spartan Stadium location. It will also be moving to the date of May 8th on a Friday night. The school recognizes that Prom being on the night of a school day may be hard for some but promises that they will still try and make it an as special night for all as it has been before. For now, all that Mason High School can do is patiently await Prom 2020.