Saying Goodbye

Rayn Sova, Writer/ Sports Editor

Seniors are leaving this Friday!  May 23, 2019 will be their last day of high school classes and May 24 will be exams.  This week, the light shines on the seniors of Digital Media Literacy class and their advice, regrets, wishes, and more.

One senior, Isaac Mohlman talked out his exploration around different classes.  “I really like computer science with Kato because everyone was in a group, we had fun,” said Mohlman. When asked if he would recommend this extracurricular, “If you’re really into computer stuff yeah but it can get really tough at times.”  Always look for the extra push.

While Mohlman did explore his boundaries in classes, senior Dillon Buck wishes he had done the same.  “In general, try to get into some extracurriculars bc there is really no better way to meet new people and get new friends.  One thing that I totally regret in all my four years is not trying new classes,” said Buck.

We all know high school is not only about classes.  Many people praise their relationships, a significant other, or just a good friend.  “I think my biggest regret is not making more friends. There is a couple people that I always thought were cool that I did not really talk to,” said Senior, Declan Cady.

Seeing your friends everyday can also be bittersweet.  “Out of all of high school I am going to miss marching band and seeing everybody everyday because they are all going to part their own ways,” said Senior, Sidney Hogge. Hogge says she will miss her band members the most because they have the greater impact in her life.

Some seniors reportedly regret putting too much time into school and independence. “I regret not optimising my time better with my friends,” said Senior, Haden Casteel.

Some advice from the Seniors include how a  simple smile will often brighten anyone’s day.  “You do not need to go out of your way to be nice to people.  Little stuff like holding the door open goes a long way. Just being nice to people in general cause you don’t know if you’re going to have to work with them on a project down the road,” said Cady.

While talking about the generalistics is quite easy, other seniors go on about Digital Media Literacy class specifically.  “I’m going to miss working with everybody in the class. Editing people’s articles, reading everybody’s opinions and ideas,” said Senior, Alissa Cottom. Cottom is the opinion section leader and wants to raise awareness for her group.  “Some advice would be when writing opinions, always have somebody else read it and then read it out loud because sometimes you are not portraying a point clearly.”

Writing articles may not sound like the most exciting thing to do on a daily business. This is why Buck took matters into his own hands to spin Digital Media Literacy in a whirl.  “You’re not limited to just writing articles, you can do whatever you want,” said Buck. “So for example, I did a podcast with two of my other friends in this class.”

Go to the party, skip over tonight’s homework, visit friends for a couple hours, go on a spontaneous camping trip.  High school is short and there is only one chance to crush it. Make it last while it can!