Mason Soccer’s close victory in the Golden Cup

Olivia Kinney, Reporter

Mason Varsity Soccer kicked the Golden Cup tournament off to a good start. With all the dedication Mason put into their season, it led them far into the tournament.

Unfortunately Mason had several key players that had to sit out for a few games due to ACL(anterior cruciate ligament) injuries. Mason did not let that hold them back though, for Mason stepped up their game and prepared to play their very best.  

On Monday, May 6, Mason played against East Lansing for the first game of the tournament. Mason ran out of time with a score of 0-0, they proceeded to a shootout. Both teams were given 5 penalty kicks to settle the draw. The stands were tense, as these penalty kicks determined the score of the game. Mason was also nervous themselves “the shootout was really intense and shaky” said Senior Dakota Booher. As a result, Mason triumphantly made all 5 of their shots while East Lansing made 4 in net. Mason and East Lansing both struggled to get the ball in the goal throughout the whole game, still Mason pulled through with a score of 5-4.

Once Friday came, Mason went into the next game of the tournament with lots of confidence against Haslett whereas Mason beat them previously this season 3-0. Mason had a strong and compact defensive line that didn’t let the ball pass them the entire game. As for the forwards, they could not connect their shots, but did have a few chances for shots on goal. The time ran out once again meaning another shootout. Goalie Katie Goss fortunately saved the first shot, then Haslett missed the rest while Mason scored all 5 shots in goal. Appreciation goes to Goss for her outstanding saves on goal during the shootout.

The team was psyched to play against Dewitt in the final game of the golden cup tournament. “We need to go into this game with hard work and put in 100% effort. We also need our middle to stay intact and finish our shots,” said Sophomore Sydney Martinez.  Mason had a productive practice before the big game, determined to take home the trophy.

Mason approached the field with grit on Tuesday, May 14. The final game of the golden cup took off aggressively as Dewitt made their way down the field. The opposing team scored quickly, Mason came to the conclusion that they needed to close down on defense and drop some forwards back to help out. The strategy worked successfully,  the team formed a solid defense but lacked on getting the ball down the line towards the goal. The game ended with a close score of 1-0 , declaring Dewitt to be the winners of the Golden Cup.

Although Mason lost to Dewitt in the final game of the Golden Cup, they will continue to be aggressive and use their strength to lead them to Districts. Mason has tough competitors to face during Districts; Marshall and Parma Western are two solid teams that they’ve had close well fought games with.“ All the teams we’re going against are pretty good so if we go into every game with all our hard work we’ll make it very far” said Senior Rilyn Ross.  The outcome of this years Golden Cup has only given Mason more confidence to come back next year and win the tournament.