Klavons: Worth the Hype?


Dillon Buck, Writer

Booming with nonstop customers since day one, this modernistic restaurant has a warm atmosphere that creates a welcome invitation to all. However, not everything that people have to say is good.

Starting out with the good, the key component to every restaurant, the food. The signature stuffed pizza is as great as always and their calzones are tough to beat. Another major player is their Pepperoni Pinwheels, an appetizer made of pepperoni and mozzarella rolled up into a dough. The city of Mason tends to agree that the food at Klavons is a much-needed change in the variety of food found in town. Yelp user Joshua W. gave the restaurant 4 stars, speaking about how great the food is.

We went on opening night, and the food was amazing, the building looks great,” said Josh, also adding on the negatives of the restaurant, “but the service was just okay.  There was a long wait for a table and then a very long wait for pizza. I would assume they were having trouble keeping up being a new restaurant with all new employees on opening night.” While everyone agrees that the food is great, they also agree that the service and wait times are lacking.

Mike C. vocalized his opinion on this problem.“Expect extreme waits; 1 to 2 hours to get seated and over an hour ticket times for food. Although you can call ahead (if your party is under 8 people) they don’t take reservations, so there is an inevitable wait for a table,” said Mike, adding some perspective on why times are so long, “Understandably they are busy because they are new, but once it slowed down there really wasn’t a valid reason for the food to take an hour and fifteen minutes.”

While the wait times may be long right now, Klavons is doing more staff training and working on other ways to lower wait time. Once this issue is fixed, Klavons has the potential to be the most popular restaurant in Mason.