Academic Awards

Mason High School academic honors recipients were recognized during the annual academic awards assembly on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The evening’s awards ceremony was held in the gymnasium. Saluted at the assembly, were students who earned academic honors during their second trimester and this past fall.

A total of 300 students qualified for the Academic Awards program. Many of those are seniors graduating this year.

The Academic Awards program is based on how students showed their academic excellence on various areas and behaviour. To be qualified for the academic honors students cumulative gpa at the conclusion of the second trimester have to rank at the top ten percent of their class.

Mason High School principal Lance Delbridge addressed the students, offering them congratulations.

“11 years ago students came to Ms. Higgins and said ‘How come we celebrate athletics, and we celebrate other things, but we don’t celebrate academics,’ and that was a question that we pondered,” said Delbridge, “Then we created it, and it has morphed into a lot of different things over the last 10 years.”

In addition Delbridge also thanked the parents and visitors for coming and being part of the assembly. “I would also like to thank the parents and visitors that are here with us, we appreciate you taking time off your schedule to come and celebrate for our students.”

The principal recognized the students’ parents as being among those who brought out the best in them.

Aside from academic honors students, Delbridge also mentioned students who have worked through a lot of different programs that they have in high school

“One of the cool program that we have here in highschool is the LINK program, where students help other students, and I would like to thank them for what they have done,” added Delbridge.

Furthermore, Delbridge also thanked teachers and staff in the district for being like a stakeholders in students lives.

Thus, Delbridge emphasized to all students that not being chosen does not mean that they are not appreciated as the ones who were chosen. He made sure that all students understand that they are appreciated and valued by all for what they are going to do and what they already done.

“There would be some amazing, excellent things that happen in our world because of you, and today we celebrate a small section of our population,” said Delbridge, “But what we expect from Mason is excellence from all thousands.”

He further encouraged students to strive to do better as they are doing now and never stop reaching for their ambitions.