Avengers: Endgame Review

When walking out of a theater after viewing Marvel Studios’ release of “Iron Man” in 2008, one does not think much of it, aside from the typical satisfaction of finishing “Movie XYZ”. But over the course of 21 films, 11 years, and hundreds of makeup artists, set designers, actors and actresses, costume designers, and composers, Marvel Studios has forged the most incredible storytelling sequence in the history of its medium.

Avengers: Endgame is one of the most entertaining and captivating films of all time. This review does feature spoilers, so those who have not yet viewed the film are advised to avert your eyes and read no further.

Endgame is not only the most unique movie in the MCU, but quite possibly the most refreshing film in its genre, soaring past tropes and clichés that could easily be abused. The viewer does not need to try very hard to see the passion and ambition that the Russo Brothers, screenwriters, directors, and performers have invested into this movie.

Gathering opinions for this film was not an easy task either, seeing as how the suspension of disbelief is always in use while viewing it. In my humble opinion, I was preemptively making room on my list of favorite movies on my way to the theater. This measure proved to be worth taking, the movie exceeding my expectations in both direction and magnitude. My only gripe with this movie that I am confident about is the lack of scenes including Captain Marvel.

The film does explain her absence throughout most of the movie, explaining that she has entire solar systems to protect and police. Despite this plot point mentioned early in the movie, the final showdown between Thanos, as well as his Chitauri army Versus every avenger seems to be a convenient time for Captain Marvel to swing by and lend a hand. I understand it’s a suspenseful and meaningful moment in the film’s sequence of events, but I digress.

I cannot explain every easter egg, callback, and reference in this movie, but Endgame is far more enjoyable with a predominantly strong understanding of the MCU. “Yeah, I’d love to grab some friends and go see it, but I feel like I would not really know what was going on if I did go.” Said Jackson Adams, Junior.

Endgame shows a unique take on the end of an era, as well as the end of the beloved characters, such as Iron Man, Black Widow, and several others who paid the ultimate price in order to save the universe. This film amazed me in every sense of the word, and it continues to inspire creativity and enthusiasm into the people I have witnessed be changed by seeing it. To me, Avengers: Endgame earns a 9.6/10, but if you agree or disagree, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.