Luke Legacy Fund

Gwyneth Zamora, Writer

On September 6, 2017, the Granger family’s life was turned upside down when their son, Luke Granger, passed away due to a cancerous tumor in his lower right leg. The type of cancer Luke had was very rare, and it has spread to 5-6 random tumors, making his condition much more serious. Luke was a student of Mason High School who would have graduated with his class this June. He was seen as a person who is strong in his faith and was an inspiration to many. He was a fun and loving tender-hearted 15-year-old who’s short life, made an impact on the lives of many.

“He was wonderful, very positive and optimistic.” said Luke’s TIES teacher Linda Pierce, “When I first met him he had just lost one of his legs, they’re trying to save his life and I was impressed on how brave he was and what a good attitude he had.”

Luke made a request to his family to provide Michigan kids affordable access to a Young Life camp experience, which is called Luke Legacy Fund. Established in 2017, Luke Legacy Fund made it possible for kids to hear and learn more about Jesus.

“Luke thought that camp experience is so much fun and such good experience that he wanted other students to experience it,” Pierce said.

In addition, Young Life is a world class organization for adolescents. They make sure that kids focus on what matters to them- fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. Young Life is committed to making a difference in the lives of kids through the friendship, influence of caring adults, and- what matters to them the most- the truth about God and his love for them.

In the one month since Luke passed away, the Luke Legacy Fund has received over 120 donations, and a total of nearing $50,000. The foundation have provided over 100 kids with scholarships for Young Life camp for the summer of 2018, with a total payout of over $30,000. The scholarships amounts to approximately $400 per individual.

The generosity has been overwhelming.

“I am so happy that I received the Luke Legacy Fund scholarship! Because of this, I will be able to go to WYldLife camp. Camp is going to be an opportunity to get to know my friends, grow closer to God, and get to know my leaders more. WYLdLife is important to me because it is led by people who can relate, understand, and care about our lives. I am so excited to go to camp! Thank you!” an 8th grader from Ann Arbor said.

Granger’s attempt to leave a mark in the world survived beyond his death. He has shown what an individual can do with their life while they live and how it lives on. He has left an influence for future generations to get inspired from and create their own destinies and ultimately, their own legacies. Luke will always be remembered for his kind and thoughtful acts. His legacy will live on forever.