Too Early MLB Postseason Predictions

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Too Early MLB Postseason Predictions

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Colin Koot

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Although Major League Baseball teams have only played about 30 games, fans have seen enough glimpses to start getting excited about the postseason. Still, many questions remain unanswered about some of the best teams in the league.

Here are my projected division winners and World Series picks.

American League

East- New York Yankees

The story of the year so far in New York has been injuries.  Every notable name has gone down with some sort of injury, leaving them without their top players.

Tampa Bay has gone on a tear to start the season, leading the AL East.  However, the Yankees are just two games behind them even with their multitude of injuries.  The Red Sox are also contenders in the East, but with such a mediocre start they are most likely looking at a possible Wild Card.

New York has steadily gotten more and more pieces back in the lineup, but once Judge, Hicks, and everyone else get back and healthy, the Yankees will win the division.

Central- Twins

The Central comes down to which team can take care of business against teams they should beat.  There isn’t a super powerful team in that division, so it really comes down to whether the Twins or Indians can win more games against the lowest quarter of the American League.

The Tigers could also make a run towards the top, but it is highly unlikely due to the fact that they will not be buyers at the trade deadline.  In the end, the Twins have the most pieces to advance to the postseason.

West- Astros

The Astros are definitely the most complete team in the West, and they have recently proved it.  Houston has pretty much everyone from their 2017 championship team and are picking up steam, trying to make it to another World Series.

The Mariners started the season off extremely hot, leading the league in homeruns.  However, they have started to come back to Earth and will not have enough manpower to top the Astros.

National League

East- Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies have transformed their team over the winter.  Not only did they add Bryce Harper, but they were able to pick up JT Realmuto, Jean Segura, and Andrew McCutchen as well.  Add those pieces to an already stellar young roster, and the result is a championship caliber team.

The Braves are fully capable of making a run at the division title, but are most likely going to have to settle for a Wild Card spot.  If the Phillies are able to add a second baseman and some relief pitching, then they will be a serious championship contender.

Central- St Louis Cardinals

The National League Central is probably the best division in all of baseball.  The Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers are all capable of winning the World Series. This division could go all the way down to the last day between the three teams, it’s that good.

The only thing most likely keeping all three from making the playoffs is the fact they have to play 40 games against the other two teams.  With the addition of Paul Goldschmidt, St Louis will be in a great position when September rolls around.

The Cardinals aren’t necessarily the most flashy team in the NL Central, but they are more than capable of getting to 90-95 wins and winning the division.  

West- Los Angeles Dodgers

Although the West is also relatively deep, they do not have the level of super teams the Central does.  The Rockies have been disappointing so far this year, and have most likely put themselves out of the picture.

Even though the Diamondbacks and Padres have shown flashes of excellence, their young rosters won’t be enough to slow the Dodgers down.  Cody Bellinger could win the NL MVP with the quality of start he has had, and he will help Los Angeles to yet another NL West title.

World Series

Brewers vs Astros (7)

Although the Brewers may not even win their division in the regular season, they are built to win in the playoffs.  Recently, relief pitching has been what has won postseason games, and the Brewers have great relievers. Christian Yelich will propel the Brewers to four wins in a seven game series.

The Astros will be able to get through the American League, and will take Milwaukee to a game seven.  Houston knows what it takes to win a World Series. However, the Brewers showed at times last year that they can be the best team in baseball, and this year they’ll prove it.