Fiddler On the Roof Coming To Mason High School

Jamie Hude

Fiddler On the Roof the Musical is coming to Mason High School on May 2, 3,and 4, 2019. Jason Konkel, Trevor Goedert, and Sharon Garner, directs this year’s show.

This musical is about a milkman/father named Tevye, played by Senior Elliott Gorishek, who questions his Jewish faith and traditions due to the actions and desires of his three (out of five) oldest daughters. His three oldest daughters, Tzeitel, Hodel, and Chava (played by Junior Hazel Campbell-Crawley; Sophomore Caitlyn Brown; and Sophomore Izzy Adams) confess that they are in love and want to get married without the help of the matchmaker, played by Sophomore Julia Droscha.

There are a total of three seniors acting in the musical including Elliott Gorishek, Sydney Hill (who plays Golde), and Dustin Otis (who plays Lazar Wolfe).

Gorishek states his character’s main motivation.

“I play Tevye. Tevye’s is one of the main fathers in the production. He has five daughters, he’s not exactly happy about that fact. He kinda wanted a son but never got one but the whole play basically centers around his family and how his three oldest daughters want to get married and he doesn’t want that to happen,” said Gorishek.

According to Gorishek, his favorite song to perform from the musical is If I Were A Rich Man because it’s a “fun song to sing.”

Gorishek revealed his favorite part about musical season is spending time with everyone involved.

“I enjoy hanging out with the people in it and singing is also fun,” said Gorishek.

Gorishek admitted what he was most looking forward to the audience seeing the play live.

“I’m excited to see the people’s reactions to me dancing stupidly during If I Were a Rich Man.”

Hill discussed what song and scene she enjoyed most in the musical.

“My favorite song is Do You Love Me because it’s a really cute scene and basically Tevye and Golde have never really expressed their love for each other and then in that scene they finally do and it’s just a cute moment.”

Hill agreed with Gorishek that the best part about musical season is spending time with the people that are apart of it.

“I really like all of the people. I like to get to know everyone and just kind of the energy that everyone has is really cool.”

Senior Dustin Otis plays Lazar Wolfe who wants to marry Tevye’s daughter Tzeitel.

“I play Lazar Wolfe, the town butcher. He’s a man who is very rich who has his eyes set on Tevye, the main character’s daughter.”

Otis revealed that his favorite song from the musical is To Life.

“My favorite song is probably To Life just because of how much fun it is and everybody is having a good time drinking and dancing around.” said Otis.

Adding to Gorishek and Hill, Otis also mentioned that the best part about being involved in the musical is being with “all the people that I get to work with and all the opportunities and it’s just fun overall.”

Otis is the only senior that has been onstage for every show including both in the school’s plays and musicals.

“I have been apart of every show since I got in high school.” said Otis. “It makes me want to cry.”

Director and Choir teacher, Jason Konkel, admitted that he is very excited and impressed with all of the participants in this production.

I am very excited for the show to begin. The kids have been working really hard and it’s been a fairly short rehearsal process for a really big show, so everyone’s really stepped up and pulled it together.” said Konkel. “I am very proud of all of my students. They have come together in a short amount of time to make such a great show and I think they’ve really embraced the message that the show gives and the subject matter and done a nice job at portraying the conflict that the characters go through.”

Konkel revealed the main plot from Fiddler On the Roof and the struggle of these characters.

“Fiddler is about a community in Anatevka that follows a family where the three daughters end up getting married and rather than being set up by the matchmaker, they find their own person to marry which is against the traditions of these people and then it’s about how the father and the family struggles with the changing traditions and how the family evolves through these changes.”

Konkel spilled that his favorite song is the opening scene and song, Tradition.

“There’s lots of favorite scenes I think, there’s lots of really cool stuff. We have been able to highlight some of our new technical things so that’s kind of fun in this show,” said Konkel. “I really enjoy the beginning, the very first song Tradition which kind of outlines everything about the community and how the people are, I would say that’s probably my favorite.”

According to Konkel, Fiddler On the Roof is coming to MHS this weekend.

“It’s at Mason High School and we open on Thursday, May 2 and it will run through May 2, 3, and 4 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) at 7 o’clock in the auditorium,” said Konkel. “Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students and if senior citizens have a gold pass then they are allowed one free admission and they are available at the door.”

Make sure to go and support the fine arts community this weekend. This is a show the audience will never forget.