Impressive Win For Girls Soccer

Olivia Kinney, Reporter

 On Tuesday, April 16 the Mason Varsity soccer team beat Okemos for the very first time in 12 years. It was an incredible battle between the two but Mason gratefully won 3-0.

Recently last year’s varsity captain, Keara Bullen had devastatingly passed away due to a car accident. With only a few days till their next game, the team decided that they will dedicate the game to Keara by playing their very best and taking a win even though they were heartbroken.

The team has been training hard at practice, which was useful towards the outcome if the game.It took a lot of effort for the team to finally defeat Okemos. Players Macy Gorrell, Rilyn Ross, and Avery Peters each scored a phenomenal goal for Mason.“Everyone was playing pretty good, especially because we were playing for Keara. At the end of the game it was all towards Hursey because she kept the team together” said manager Brook Dodendorf.  Okemos has always been good in the past but this game they were lacking offense. However, they had a tough defense where Mason was able to find gaps through them.

In honor of Keara, everyone took a moment of silence before the game to recognize her beautiful soul. Both teams stood in the center of the field and prayed for Keara’s family, friends, and everyone that cared for her. The Okemos girls handed the team cards that showed their sorrow and that they’re praying for them.

Mason played aggressively the first half and especially in the first minute, that’s when Ross scored the first point.  “I think we had a really strong performance, especially in the first 10 minutes of each half. Our goal in the first 51 seconds set a really good tone for the game. We played our hearts out for Keara, it was incredible” said Sophomore Avery Peters. The defense was compact and solid while working together and the goalie had saved all shots on goal.

The second half started off good but everyone had slowly lost their intensity towards the end of the game; although the team did manage to keep the ball away from their goal. Goalie Katie Goss had some impressive saves on goal by punching and tipping the ball out.

Overall, Mason played considerably good even though they had lost their dearest friend. “I’m pumped that we beat Okemos and that we played for Keara” said Senior Macy Gorrell. From this point on, the team will play in favor of Keara and have her in their hearts.