Aunt Becky College Bribery Scandal

Olivia Kinney, Reporter

Lori Loughlin turns to bribery to get her two daughters, Olivia and Isabella Giannulli into University of Southern California. This action has affected her television career in the hit show “Fuller House” as well as her job opportunities as an actress.

Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, paid $500,000 to get their two daughters as recruits for USC’s rowing team, even though neither played in the sport. “The amount of money that her parents spent on falsifying her college application could have been spent on tutors, SAT prep/retakes, and so many more positive things that could have helped her get into USC on her own” said freshman Philomena La Fave. Many students are outraged by the family’s decision considering that they’ve worked hard to get into that college but got their spots taken.

The singer William Rick was in the middle of the scheme, he helped 50 wealthy families in the US get their kids into elite schools. He also assisted Loughlin in the scandal.

The authorities announced that Rick plead guilty to being a college admissions consultant who offered help to wealthy families in cheating their way into top colleges. They found out his business, Key Worldwide Foundation, helped students cheat on tests and bribe coaches who could put them into college with false athletic documentation. On top of that, he also helped students cheat on their exams by having his associates take the tests in their place.

As for Olivia Jade, she didn’t stop her mother when her mom submitted a photoshopped picture of her on a rowboat to show proof that she was on a rowing team. This crisis impacted Jade’s reputation. Her popular youtube channel lost a great amount of subscribers and Sephora and Tresemme chose to drop their partnership with Jade immediately. Jade and her sister both decided it was best to drop out of USC to avoid bullying.

“I’m disappointed because Lori Loughlin doesn’t believe her daughters can get an education on their own” said freshman, Mikaila Orlowski. Due to one of Jade’s youtube videos, she stated she didn’t care much about school and is busy with her channel.

Loughlin has not yet plead guilty and thinks she can escape years in prison. “Officially, she faces up to 40 years in prison for the charges against her — but if she is found guilty and her sentencing is consistent with the other defendants, she will likely face closer to 3-5 years” said the news source, People.  This case has brought plenty of humility towards the Loughlin family, and will forever affect their careers.