Remembering Keara Bullen

Colin Koot

Keara Bullen, a Mason High School graduate of 2018, was involved in a fatal car accident on Sunday, April 14.  Bullen was on the Mason girls varsity soccer team for four years, serving as a captain for her final three years.  She earned all-conference honors in her sophomore and junior years, achieving all-district in her junior year as well.  But above all these accomplishments, her personality and love is what people will remember.

Teammates described her as the backbone of the team, uniting everyone together.  She worked hard to make a bond with everyone she met, and rewrote the definition of what a true friend can be.

“I knew Keara since I was super little, she would come over constantly and was a huge mentor for me.  Not only was she my best friend, but she was also like my sister,” said Junior Greta Joneson, a teammate and friend of Bullen. “There was no one like her.“

Keara worked hard to be close friends with everybody and make each person near her feel included.  “She was always just so happy and made everyone feel wanted and included. Keara was just part of my family,” said Sophomore Alissa Betts, friend and teammate of Bullen.

As a captain for the soccer team, Bullen united the team and laid out their goals.  She made sure that everyone knew what their job was before anyone stepped onto the field. The team will forever remember her positive messages and affirmations preceding every game.

Not only was Bullen a fantastic teammate and friend, but she was also a tremendous soccer player that led Mason to many victories over her years.

“When I was a freshman trying to make varsity, she would always train with me.  I played center back with her for a really long time. It’s just insane how well she plays that game and sees the field, understanding how to communicate with everyone. She was the smartest out there,” said Joneson.

Bullen also was an active participant in Young Life, a Christian program for teenagers. She looked out for each and every person she met and was always energetic.

“Keara was just a fun soul.  She was always willing to bring people under her shoulder and she definitely taught me a lot, she was like a big sister to me,” said Junior Jedian Acevedo, a member of Young Life and friend of Bullen. “I’m going to remember the memories from her.  She was always very energetic and willing to give everyone a great time.”

Bullen was enrolled at Northern Michigan University, where she was apart of the soccer team and majored in Physical Therapy.  In the fall, she scored one goal in five games as a midfielder.

For the Mason varsity girls soccer team, Bullen led the them in the past, but her legacy will continue to unite them this season, and seasons to come.

“We need to keep working together and make that a huge part of every single game.  We know that she wants more for us and wants us to go super far. Every game is for her and everything that we do is for her,” said Joneson.

Through her passing, Keara Bullen’s legacy as a friend and teammate will live on through the many people that she touched in her life.