Costa Rica Trip

Olivia Kinney, Reporter

The chance has come for students to connect with their classmates outside of school and to help the Costa Rica community. 18 students from Mason High School will be attending the Costa Rica trip. The group will be interacting with children in the area by partaking in community service.

Sophomore Davis Baker is really looking forward to the trip. “I’m hoping to learn a little about biology, spend time with friends, and connect with people” said Baker. Baker and several other students are eager about swimming in the clear water as well.

Costa Rica is located in Central America, it’s such a luxurious place to visit. For example, it has volcanoes, beaches, and a large jungle. Some of the fun activities the group will be doing include hiking, white water rafting, zip lining, surfing lessons, and swimming in bases of waterfalls. The students will also be doing lots of community service such as gardening for different organizations, building playgrounds and painting schools, and bonding with kids in the area.

Biology teacher Mrs.Ford has been going on this trip for several years and is ready to return back to Costa Rica with a new group of students. “I enjoy watching our students experience something global. It’s an overall amazing trip. Being able to do this has opened my eyes to so much.” said Ford.

One of the things Ford will be teaching on the trip is biodiversity, which means the variety of life in a specific ecosystem. Costa Rica withholds five percent of the world’s biodiversity but has 0.3 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Sophomore Jada Davis will also be going on the trip for the very first time. “I’m excited to look at the nature, to meet new people, and to experience the culture.” said Davis.

This trip will be a great bonding experience, where people can open up to friends and see the beautiful region of Costa Rica. Don’t hold back because there can be many memories made.