“Captain Marvel” Movie Review

Dalton Caron, Reporter

A Marvel movie is never just a Marvel movie.


It’s not even the end of spring yet, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is once again opening up a new chapter in its vast amount of characters, mysteries, and wonders. “Captain Marvel”, being the newest entry in the ever growing universe, also happens to be among some of the most anticipated, mainly because it’s the first Marvel movie to headline a female superhero.


Every new release in Marvel’s interconnected series of movies have a certain set of expectations that each movie must meet. This has never been more relevant than it is for “Captain Marvel” – the 21st entry in the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Brie Larson plays “Captain Marvel”(Carol Danvers), the inhabitant of the Kree planet Hala and an elite Star Force pilot/warrior under the command of Jude Laws Yon-Rogg. She has unimaginable superpowers damned by flashbacks to her earlier life in which she is not familiar.


After escaping a near fatal ambush from the  shape-shifting Skrull (the “bad” guys) she ends up landing on her former home planet of Circa (Earth)1995, where she runs into SHIELD agent Nick Fury, digitally de-aged back to a young 2-eyed fellow. While working with Nick to hunt down the Skrull she is forced to fight another, much harder battle, the one of her forgotten past that will be the answer to all of her troubles and lead her on the correct path to justice.


As usual in this franchise, a lot of actors who are great for their roles, maybe even perfect turn up. Among these including Annette Bening as a Earth military scientist(who happens to be Kree) with an invention both the Kree and the Skrull greatly desire, and Ben Mendelsohn, as the Skrull “leader” Talos. And as for Brie Larson? She’s impeccable, which is the least that I can say for the giant and in some ways demanding role she’s asked to deliver. It’s fun to see her zooming through the sky and space like a human fireball, and to grow as both a human being and as a superhero over the movie.


“Captain Marvel” has a total run time of 128 minutes (2 hours 5 minutes) and is rated PG-13. “ I feel like she’s the future, so when I’ve been asked about the future about “Captain Marvel” or the future of the MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe) I’d be with her.” Brie Larson, “Captain Marvel” said when interviewed about her movie and the future of the MCU. I believe this is a great movie that everyone, marvel fan or not, should see, it has a great plot with a really good execution on the entire story itself and how it all lays out, from the emotional backstory of the main character to the surprising twists and turns that really, you barely saw coming. Overall I give this movie a 10 photon blasts out of 10, it’s one of my favorites ever and it will only continue to be as “Captain Marvel” continues to show up in the future of the MCU.