Mason Robotics Earns Prestigious Award


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Colin Koot, Sports Editor

In robotics, a prestigious award called the chairman’s award goes to the team with the highest values and best cooperation within their members. Mason High School’s own robotics team, also known as The Tractor Technicians, were given said award at a recent competition, called the First Robotics Competition.

Team 3655 (Mason) had two main areas of competition, the robot and the chairman’s board.  The robot had to be able to do numerous tasks including climbing a step over a foot tall.

The chairman’s board was tasked with writing essays and explaining to the judges what the team does in order to stay together and get along with the people around them.

“In order to win a chairman’s award, you have to write an essay under 10,000 characters, you have to answer a series of prompts-each of the answers have to be under 500 characters, you have to make a video under three minutes, and put together a presentation to present to a panel of judges,” said sophomore, Ellie Agnew, part of the Mason Robotics chairman’s board.

The robot from Mason rolled through the qualification matches, but fell just short in the semi finals, earning the team third place.  The chairman’s award cannot go to the first or second place team, so therefore the Tractor Technicians were eligible for it.

The goal of the chairman’s award is to present a team with an accolade for not just winning, but also great respect and teamwork.

“Not only is it a competition to win, but it is also a competition of sportsmanship and gracious professionalism,” said freshman, Ally Buzard, a member of the Mason build team.  “The fact that we were able to represent both of those is just so meaningful.”

Team 3655 is now eligible to compete at the state level because of their esteemed award.  They hope to win states and go onto worlds.

“We are recognized state wide in First, which qualifies us for the state championship in April.  We get to compete not just for a chairman’s award but also our robot gets to compete,” said Agnew. “If we win there then we go to Worlds.  It also gets us more funding for our robotics center.”

With this illustrious award, the Tractor Technicians look to continue building off their success and sustain greatness in the competition to come.