Mason’s Robotics Competitions for 2019

Stephen Fortney and Noah Brodberg

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          A few weekends ago, Mason’s robotics team, The FRC Team 3655 “The Tractor Technicians” finished their competition robot for this season’s competitions. They had only six weeks to complete this task starting on the first of January and ending on February 19th, when they had to bag the robot and stop the work. We talked to the teacher in charge of the robotics team at MHS, Mr.Shoemaker and he gave us an insight on what the next couple of weeks will hold for his team. He had this to say, “We’ll be heading to Gibraltar, Michigan to be competing in our first district event in the first weekend in March. Then two weeks after that we’ll be traveling to Canada to compete. And finally we’ll be hosting our home event at MHS on the first weekend of April.”


          We also interviewed Matthew Agnew, a fellow student and senior on the team, on more information involving the competition robot and what it is going to be used for. “The game this year is called Deep Space, there is rockets and there is cargo ships on the field. There is portholes and we attach Hatch Panels on to the portholes, and we have to put cargo through to portholes to get points. The cargo is just a 13” in diameter ball. So, essentially we’ve just built a robot that has an elevator on it, and has an arm out on the front that also has wheels on it that will help pick up the ball and put it in the portholes. And that is essentially what I know about our competition robot,” said Agnew Matt will be competing alongside the team this year with his final year at MHS.


          Every year the game theme is different at these competitions, this year being a deep space theme. Mason High has always hosted a big robotics team event every year around the beginning of April. It is a big deal for the school with a lot of teams competing in our very own field house where the game is set to take place. It brings the school a lot of attention and publicity. The event lasts a couple of days here and takes a lot of time and effort to set up for and take down. The Tractor Technicians are looking to place well this year in the competitions with their newly built robot.