Mason Merges Gymnastics Team

Samara Trout, Writer

Mason’s gymnastics team, as of the 2019 season, has merged with Holt’s team due to the small amount of participants. Mason’s Athletic Department had a choice to make: to continue the gymnastics program and merge teams with Holt or to terminate it altogether. Their final decision was to combine the two gymnastics teams.
Mason has two members on the newly combined team with seven other Holt gymnasts, senior Charlese Dumond and sophomore Jordan Bodell. Bodell is grateful to still have a team to be able to compete with. “I was worried about it, but it’s a really fun sport and there are a lot of really great opportunities that come out of it, so I was really hoping that our program could still exist,” said Bodell “I’m just glad we had the opportunity to join with them because we were threatened with losing our program.”
Dumond is grateful for the exciting new experience this opportunity has brought. “It’s really exciting. I get to meet a lot of people I haven’t had the opportunity to meet before. It’s really nice to represent our school and become better,” said Dumond.
Dumond has committed to Grand Valley University for cheer and school. She has joined the gymnastics team in hopes to enhance her skills and improve her performance for cheer season. This is Dumond’s first year participating in gymnastics, but she has embraced it with open arms. “Everyone is very supportive so I feel like I am in a safe environment to be able to try these new things and be encouraged by my teammates,” said Dumond. “I get a lot more experience than I would have and it’s nice to try something new before I leave for college, before I don’t have as many opportunities to do so.”
With the thought of venturing into foreign territory, one might think there would be struggles that would accompany this decision, but the transition has been smooth, especially for Bodell. “I think because we have two different schools on one team it gives us more resources then, we have more equipment for one team to use. It gives more chances for success,” said Bodell.
As a result of the loss of the program the old gymnastics practice room has been converted into the a robotics room. “I think it’s nice that we can combine and have a bigger team that way there is more of an opportunity to win and be considered bigger in the league. And robotics gets their own room so, overall I think it helps both programs,” said Dumond.
With a 2-1 season so far, the team appears to be on a path to success. The merge has benefited both teams and given Mason an opportunity to compete.