Why the Pistons are Struggling

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Why the Pistons are Struggling

Tyler Abraham, Writer

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The pistons have not been seen as a dominant team since their 2004 championship victory with Chauncey Billups and Richard “Rip” Hamilton leading the charge.  Some of the greats played for the Pistons giving them some dominant seasons, however, in the past five to ten years the Pistons have had great players to come through their roster, such as current players Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson, and the newest member, Blake Griffin, who has been admired by, the Detroit Pistons’ new coach, Dwane Casey.

The complete botch of the 2003 draft could be a good reason for the lack success for the franchise. The Pistons had the 2nd pick in the first round of the draft.  Instead of snagging future hall of famers such as, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade, the Detroit Pistons chose an egotistical seven-footer, Darko Milicić.  A man who averaged 6 points per game throughout his entire 10-year career. With such a great opportunity to gain a dominant star player to lead the franchise, they chose a seven-foot Yugoslavian center who did little to none for the franchise.  

Lots of changes have been made within the roster and staff.  With a new head coach, Casey, and the new face of the franchise, Blake Griffin, chemistry could come into play.  It is unknown how Drummond is handling the arrival of a new star big man but chemistry doesn’t seem to be a problem.  Changing of head coaches could also play a part in the success of the team. Detroit is not exactly the ideal franchise to land in, however, Griffin has stated he is happy with his new franchise and team.

Chemistry aside, physical injuries to key players have put a damper on the Pistons’ 2018-19 season.  Players such as Ish Smith, Reggie Jackson, Reggie Bullock, and Andre Drummond, have all had injuries this year creating a much weaker offensive lineup and a sluggish defense.

The loss of players, such as Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, an explosive and high volume shooter who now plays in LA for the Lakers, and Tobias Harris, a star in the making with a phenomenal work ethic who is leading the LA Clippers, removed key pieces to the Pistons’ lineup.  While the trade for Griffin was a wise decision to advance the team, it removed two solid players, Tobias Harris and Boban Marjanović, who have become consistent scorers for the Clippers.

One can only hope that the Pistons make some major changes to their team in the off-season.  Griffin and Drummond create a very strong front court but lack a strong and efficient leader in the back court, with a very weak bench to top it off.  Many players are on the trade block but not many are valuable enough to gain a talented athlete, leaving the Pistons in a tricky situation.

All excuses aside, the Pistons’ have made huge strides to progress their team.  With a high flying power forward, with a solid shot behind the arc, and a seven foot center, leading the league with the most offensive rebounds per game, Detroit has a chance to be a dominant opponent in the East.