Super Bowl 53: The Patriots Dynasty

Landen Bates, Writer

The Super Bowl, the biggest stage in football history. A stage where two professional football champions meet up for the biggest game of their lives. There have been countless amounts of memories and spectacular moments in past super bowls, and millions of fans around the world have witnessed those moments.

Representing the NFC in this years Super Bowl was the Los Angeles Rams. Representing the AFC was none other than the New England Patriots. This was the Patriots record breaking eleventh Super Bowl appearance, as opposed to the Rams fourth appearance. The Patriots now have a Super Bowl record of six wins and five losses and the Rams have a Super Bowl record of only one win and three losses.   

Tom Brady, a 19 year veteran of the NFL, has been to the most Super Bowls out of any player in NFL history. This Super Bowl game was his ninth appearance, having won six championships in total. Seemingly unstoppable in his career, Brady has led many different Patriots rosters to the Super Bowl. Many people are asking when he will retire. Brady simply stated “Not a chance”, when asked by reporters. If it was not already clear by his statement, Tom Brady will not be retiring after this Super Bowl matchup against the Rams. He is the oldest player to ever play in a super at age 41. He shows no signs of stopping anytime soon as he wants to be considered the greatest quarterback to ever play in the NFL.

The Los Angeles Rams are one of many teams to face off against Brady in the Super Bowl, but this year is different. Jared Goff is the youngest Quarterback to ever play in a Super Bowl, at 24 years young. He understands the importance of this game, as it’s the biggest one of his career. The Rams and Patriots have faced off in the Super Bowl before in 2002, the Patriots came out on top. Jared Goff lead the Rams football team in what was perhaps the biggest game in the history of their franchise.

Every Super Bowl is different, and this year is same ol’, same ol’ for Tom Brady. Just this time he needed to scout a different opponent, a younger team, and more importantly, a very successful Rams team.

With Tom Brady now having six Super Bowl rings, more than any other player in NFL history, he is widely viewed across the world as the greatest football player of all time. Brady will be returning another year, trying to win yet another championship with the Patriots. Same Brady, same style.