The Grand Tour in Review


Stephen Fortney, Writer

Three very classic British television presenters by the name of Jeremey Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond have been in the car reviewing business for a very long time. They all started together on a car reviewing show called Top Gear on the British Broadcast Companyback in 2002. The show consisted of the presenters getting the newest and hottest motor vehicles from different car brands around the world, and giving their input on them and testing the cars limits. They would do different entertaining challenges with different cars and have celebrity guests on the show every episode. The guests would do timed laps on the Top Gear Test Track in attempt to get a better time than the set laps from the other celebrities. The show ran on the BBC successfully for twenty-two seasons, with the three presenters from 2002 to 2015 . The reason the show ended then was because on March 10, 2015 Jeremy Clarkson had a “fracas” (disagreement or quarrel), with one of the show’s producers named Oisin Tymon. Clarkson, for a variety of other reasons including the,  non-renewal of his contract with the BBC ,was dismissed from the show. Shortly following, Hammond and May left as well, for they were a trio and not going to do the show without Clarkson. Top Gear now has new presenters and the ratings are terrible compared to the original trio.

        In late 2015, Amazon had announced that they had bought the three presenters with fresh contracts to make a new motoring program for Amazon Prime Video. They ended up calling it The Grand Tour. Despite how upset it was realizing that Top Gear would not go on without those original three presenters, Amazon sought to renew that enjoyment that was brought about by them. The Grand Tour is just like the original Top Gear, it’s absolutely amazing. The cinematography is breathtaking with their 4k streaming service, the jokes are just as funny, the insane motor vehicles are just as cool to watch whip around at high speeds, and the challenges they embark on are just as entertaining as before. They did add back a celebrity guest star segment in season two, to mimic Top Gear. They still have the guests do timed laps around their track and set times. Amazon has got something very good on their hands that the BBC no longer has. The third season has launched on January 18th, 2019 on Amazon Prime Video. The three British television presenters are just as popular as ever with The Grand Tour, and Amazon made a smart investment.