Aquaman Review

Noah Broadberg, Writer

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On December 2, 2018 “Aquaman” hit theaters for the first time in the United States. Directed and produced by James Wan, Peter Safran, and Rob Cowan, the movie did not have high expectations, due to the other recent DC movies not making a good profit. After being in theaters for a few weeks now, it grossed over one billion dollars in box office sales. The movie also reached a 7.5 out of 10 on the IGN rating. Even if DC movies are not your style, this movie will be sure to captivate you.

With amazing demonstration of the relationship between cinema and storytelling, as well as colorful actors who performed their roles well, it made for an enjoyable movie. The CGI blended well and made everything in the movie look real even if it wasn’t.  The overarching plot stayed consistent through the whole movie but the speed at which they traveled through it was not. In the beginning of the film, it seemed to push its way towards the base of the movie. Even with a very inconsistent speed at which the movie played,    this movie is recommend to anyone who is at all interested in superhero movies.