Michigan Assistant Principal of the Year

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Michigan Assistant Principal of the Year

Gwyneth Zamora, Writer

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Nicholas Toodzio, Assistant Principal of Mason High School in Michigan, has been named 2018~2019 Michigan Assistant Principal of the year. High academics and athletic standards are achieved here at MHS that ensures the safety of the students and Toodzio is a big part of this development.

“I think the people that know me the best know that I’m not one of those people that really like a whole lot of attention, so a recognition is not really what drives me,” said Toodzio when announced of his selection “but on the other hand I do have to appreciate it because that means that people have appreciated my work so I have to appreciate them.”

Toodzio was selected for his skilled hands-on management with the determination to serve others. Toodzio ensures that learning takes place in every conversation he has with a student and that the student walks away knowing that tomorrow is a new day and he/she will have a fresh start. Upon hearing his selection Toodzio’s talent for adapting and effectively using school safety continues to impact students performance.

“My passion is school safety, I really find it important to make sure that students aren’t just safe but feel safe,” said Toodzio, “and I’ve spent a great deal of my career devoted to that promise.”

Toodzio’s commitment to school safety continues to grow. Toodzio is, at all times engaged in efforts to make Mason High School a better place to work and learn.
In addition in this new period of shared leadership, the Assistant Principal’s role has become involved. Assistant principals not only deal with student discipline and attendance, but they are now also often responsible for curriculum and discipline, community partnerships, public relations, student activities, and many other important actions in the management.

“This is basically one of those jobs that people call a thankless job,” said Toodzio. “Usually every decision I make makes at least one person mad because essentially you’re telling people no, you can’t do that anymore.”

Nevertheless Toodzio stays optimistic and continues to do his best. A passionate advocate, Toodzio comes to work everyday with the goal of connecting and encouraging every student in his building.

Toodzio’s impact and influence can be seen in all areas of the school and felt by all members of the schools community. He leads by example, always demonstrating the characteristics that embodies the school motto- “Respect, Responsible, Ready to learn”.
An example of an avid learner, Toodzio is constantly seeking opportunities for new learning.

Lastly, Toodzios leadership approach has helped MHS become a productive and progressive school where improvement and excellence blooms.
“Mason High School is a pretty darn good school,” said Toodzio, “We are pretty darn safe. We have pretty darn good academics. We have pretty darn good athletics. So what’s harder, if you got a school that has a lot of problems it’s easy to improve things. We have a school that is pretty darn good so it’s actually to harder to improve things.”